Mater Dei Prep Leadership Announcement:

Board of Trustees Appoints New President

The Board of Trustees of Mater Dei Prep (MDP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Donald Galante as President of the school. Mr. Galante brings 35 years of management experience to his new role, where he will focus on strategy, development, direct marketing, finance, operations, and community engagement.

 “Don received the unanimous support of the board and we welcome him to our community,” said Randy MacDonald, chair of the Board of Trustees.   While Mr. Galante assumes the role of president, the board continues its search for a Head of School – a position currently filled by interim head John A. Anderson.

This additional layer of governance will allow the Head of School, as Chief Academic Officer, to be intensely focused on our central mission – the delivery of a superior curricular and extra-curricular experience for our students to maximize their potential and gain acceptance to the colleges of their choice, said Mr. MacDonald.

Mr. Galante spent his career at financial companies including Citibank, MF Global, Dresdner Bank, and Barclays Bank. He held the positions of chief operating officer and chief investment officer at multiple firms. As a chief operating officer, Mr. Galante was responsible for operations, accounting, technology, human resources, facilities, compliance, risk management and marketing, all skill areas he will utilize in his new role as president of Mater Dei Prep.

“For the past 56 years Mater Dei Prep has had a rich history of preparing young adults for college and beyond,” said Mr. Galante. “I am extremely excited and motivated to take on this role as president and help lead Mater Dei Prep into its next chapter.”

In addition to his career accomplishments, Mr. Galante embodies the service mindset at Mater Dei Prep. He has spent many years as a volunteer in his community, serving as an elected official in Little Silver, where he lives, for 15 of the past 17 years. Mr. Galante is the committee chair for the Municipal Advisory Board to the Monmouth County Board of Taxation. He is a founding board member of the Monmouth County Crime Stoppers and has served as a board member and head of the Audit Committee for the Community YMCA in Monmouth County. Mr. Galante also sat on the Advisory Board to the Love School of Business at Elon University in North Carolina for seven years and has done important work with the Raise Hope Foundation to open career opportunities on Wall Street to disabled veterans.

Mr. Galante and his wife, Mandy, a former Monmouth County Teacher of the Year, have been married for 34 years and have resided in Little Silver for the past 31 years.

“Don has been an important and respected community leader in Monmouth County,” said Mr. MacDonald. “His leadership style of collaboration and teamwork will elevate Mater Dei Prep’s brand and accomplishments.”

Mr. Galante said he has noted the great admiration people have for Mater Dei Prep and he looks forward to getting to know more students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. On Saturday, November 18 at 8AM Mr. Galante , Mr. Anderson and members of the administration will hold a coffee to meet our future parents during the Placement Test.

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President, Mater Dei Prep

Over the course of 35 years Donald worked his way up from operations to trading and then management in the global fixed income markets.  During his career he was instrumental in developing fixed income and brokerage units for Barclays, Citicorp, Dresdner Bank, Fuji Bank Ltd and MF Global. 

He most recently held the title of Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer for ED&F Man Capital Markets Inc.  Donald was responsible for all operations and support functions for this global financial firm with offices in New York, Chicago, London, Singapore and Dubai.  He was also responsible for investing and managing the firm’s proprietary capital.

In addition to his financial expertise, Donald Galante is recognized for his support of colleagues and the community.  At his Fuji Bank desk on 9/11 in the building across from 2 World Trade Center, Donald calmly fulfilled his Floor Marshal role to direct all employees to a safe evacuation.  In the days, weeks and months to follow, Donald helped both his company and his colleagues to get back on their feet, assisting many in finding their balance after this devastating trauma.

Donald served on the Advisory Board for the Love School of Business at Elon University from 2005 to 2013. During this time he helped design their mock training room, advised on the capital building program and facilitated internships for students at Wall Street firms.

Donald has worked with the “Raise Hope Foundation” to open career opportunities on Wall Street for disabled veterans.  Donald created and taught two 16 week courses on the Introduction to Financial Markets at the Rutgers Newark campus.

In 2011 Donald gave up the commuting grind and directed his energy and skills towards helping the local community.  As a Little Silver Borough Councilman he has played a pivotal role in creating a road paving rotation, building bathrooms in parks, preserving green space and negotiating to contain costs in services.  He also sits on the board of Monmouth County Crime Stoppers and chairs the Municipal Advisory Group for Monmouth County Board of Taxation.