Curriculum Guide

The academic curriculum at Mater Dei Prep is designed to challenge students to take risks and explore areas of true interest as they prepare for post-secondary education. Students are assessed upon arrival at Mater Dei Prep utilizing the comprehensive ACT assessment program. This assessment allows the Guidance Department to place students in the appropriate classes and take advantage of their Individualized Learning Plan, developed to assist students in reaching their college/career goals upon graduation. Academic support is provided through the Collegiate Foundation Academy, a program unique to Mater Dei Prep that provides in-house instructional accommodations and strategies to insure student academic success.

Requirements for Graduation:
                  1.  4 Years of Religion including 90 hours of Christian Service
                        4 Years of English
                        2 Years of U.S. History
                        1 Year of World History or Western Civilization
                        3 Years of Science including Biology
                        3 Years of Mathematics
                        2 Years of the same World Language
                        1 Year of Fine, Visual/Performing, and/or Practical Arts
                        1 Year of Physical Education
                        1 Year of Health / Driver Theory
                        1 Semester of Personal Finance
                        SAT Prep    
                  2.   A minimum of 120 credits.
                  3.   Seniors must successfully complete all courses in order to graduate with their class. 
                        Any senior who has not met all the requirements for graduation may not participate in the    ceremony.
                  4.   All students will have the opportunity to earn college credits.

A student must have earned:
                        30 Credits to be considered a Sophomore
                        60 Credits to be considered a Junior
                        90 Credits to be considered a Senior

Requirements for College Admission:

Most colleges require a minimum of sixteen units of college preparatory subjects including three units of college prep math and two units of laboratory science.  A minimum of sixteen subject units must be completed according to the following breakdown:

  1. English - 4
  2. Mathematics - 3
  3. Science - 3
  4. Social Studies - 3
  5. Electives - 5 (in English, Science, Social Studies, Math, or World Language)

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