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Mater Dei Prep is blessed with the commitment of a highly talented group of volunteers who dedicate their expertise and time in support of the school. Our volunteers create a sense of community among families and supplement the school’s programs and events.

The Mater Dei Prep Board of Trustees has created committees to work with the Board in tackling the mission of making Mater Dei Prep the first choice for students looking for an exceptional Catholic preparatory education. Involvement by the community means the difference between the success and failure of this mission. Descriptions of these committees are listed below. Please consider joining us as we work together to make Mater Dei Prep a school of which we may all be proud.

While some committees have limited openings and require specialized experience, we hope to find a committee or volunteer role that fits your interests and talents.

To volunteer or learn more about a specific committee, please fill out the contact information form to the right.

Policies and Procedures:
Develops and maintains clear, written policies across a broad range of categories, including, but not limited to, employee hiring and termination, student suspension and expulsion, health and safety, supervision of students, enrollment and admissions, student code of conduct, work environment, handling and releasing student information and records.

Academic Development & Student Life:
Assesses, supports, and inspires professional development of the faculty and administration, instills a culture of constant learning, improvement and development, develops policies and guidelines for encouraging and supporting each faculty member’s efforts to continue their education, and promotes academic extra-curricular activities.

To promote, support, and oversee all Mater Dei Prep scholastic and recreational sports programs, to encourage competitiveness, sportsmanship, pursuit of excellence among all participants, and high rates of student participation in sports, to establish policies to guide the conduct of players, coaches, parents and boosters, to identify specific athletic needs, and build pride in Mater Dei Prep through athletic competition and achievement.

Performing & Fine Arts:
To promote, support, and oversee Mater Dei Prep’s outstanding reputation as a platform for artistic expression in music, acting, dance, song, theater, film, painting, sculpture, new media, and other aesthetic pursuits.

Marketing & Enrollment:
Works directly with the President to oversee development and execution of a professional and robust plan to recruit suitable new students to Mater Dei Prep, enhances and develops the Mater Dei Prep brand, determines key messaging and communication policies, promotes Mater Dei Prep as the school of choice for students seeking quality, college-ready Catholic education.

Legal, Risk & Compliance:
Responsible for ensuring that Mater Dei Prep has appropriate legal advice concerning the school as needed, managing the school’s risk to claims, and assuring its compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Buildings & Grounds:
Responsible for overseeing proper management, maintenance, and repair of Mater Dei Prep’s buildings, grounds, and equipment; including shared locations with the Parish, assures that facilities are kept clean, sanitary, safe, and in good repair and appearance, oversees purchase of maintenance supplies, recommends specific improvements and estimated costs to enhance overall appearance and appeal of school grounds.

Responsible for assuring the availability of state-of-the-art technology for faculty, students, and administration for educational and organizational purposes, including review of existing and forthcoming technology to enhance and improve the intellectual environment and information access.

Identifies and reviews credentials of persons for the Board and the committees.

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