Mater Dei Prep Launches Information Technology Institute

Mater Dei Prep has recently launched four new academic institutes – the Global Leaders Institute, the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute, Performing Arts Institute and the Information Technology Institute to kick off the 2018-2019 school year. Each Institute is designed to teach students the skills needed to excel in today’s diverse, technology-based fields through hands-on learning.

The Information Technology Institute is a new innovative academic program that has approximately 140 students registered. The Information Technology Institute at Mater Dei Prep is offered for students interested in computer and technology careers. Students receive an in-depth education in computer programming, computer languages, networks and hardware, cybersecurity and online safety, and developing computing and technology skills that have real-world applications. All Mater Dei Prep freshmen will take Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles to learn the fundamentals of computing and problem solving.

“The AP Computer Science course gives students an in-depth foundation of coding. The students are excited about programming computers using and JavaScript. Later on this semester they will build apps that they can run on their phones. The life lessons they learn in the Information Technology Institute are not necessarily computer related, but more so about problem solving. Students will take away tactics to work through problems in their everyday life,” said Mr. Brendan Shea, Mater Dei Prep AP Computer Science teacher.

Students in the Mater Dei Prep Information Technology Institute will also have the opportunity to participate in the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. CyberPatriot is a competition created by the Air Force Association in response to the lack of qualified individuals to fill thousands of critical cybersecurity jobs in finance, government and health care.

During competitions, teams of high school and middle school students act as newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. Teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services. Teams compete on the state and regional level; the top teams in the nation earn all-expenses paid trips to Baltimore, Maryland for the National Finals Competition where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money.

“The Information Technology Institute provides Mater Dei Prep students with many layers of technology education. Our students will spend every day of their lives interacting with digital devices and learn how to be digitally strong. Most importantly, the Information Technology Institute will open career opportunities to every Mater Dei Prep student by letting them "try out" different technologies - whether it's forensics or cryptography or software design or drones - so they can identify their own best path into this digital world,” said Mrs. Mandy Galante, Head of Mater Dei Prep Information Technology Institute.

“I am really looking forward to creating computer programs of my own. I will have the opportunity to learn valuable information about computer science that most students do not have the opportunity to learn. This is a field I am interested in pursuing in college and can attribute the Mater Dei Prep Information Technology Institute to helping me stand out on my college application,” said Madeline Frohnhoefer ‘MDP21.

Mater Dei Prep invites all prospective families to learn more about the new Mater Dei Prep Academic Institutes at Open House on Thursday, November 15th from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. For more information or to register, visit or contact Christine Altland, Admissions Officer, at


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