The Don Froude ‘74 and Ed “Skip” McLaughlin ‘74 Science Center

The Don Froude ‘74 and Ed “Skip” McLaughlin ‘74 Science Center construction is scheduled to begin in December 2018. The project will transform the current labs and create highly functional, state-of-the-art learning environments that empower students to succeed. The Science Center will be comprised of cutting edge biology and chemistry labs.

The Mater Dei Prep curriculum focuses on each student’s individual needs to prepare them not only for college, but also for the changing demands of our workforce. The Science Center will allow effective instruction with hands-on activities, critical thinking and collaboration. Students will be active learners and problem solvers.

The lab is comprised of 4 islands with sinks, current utility services and built-in storage. The aisles give the chemistry teacher quick access to all students. Workstations offer plenty of worktop space and easy access to services. Services include water, electric, USB, acid neutralization, data and gas. The lab will be fitted with a new fume hood and storage including base perimeter cabinetry with an oversized sink and ADA station.

The “Space Stations” innovative shape offers students large work surfaces with sinks and full utility services. At the center point the teacher is within 9 feet of all students seated around the unit enabling ease of instruction to keep students on task. Perimeter storage includes base and wall cabinetry with an oversized sink and ADA station.

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