Global Leaders Institute September 11th Memorial Reflection

Reflection By: Elizabeth Sheridan MDP’20

I am so entirely grateful that I was given the opportunity to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum with the Global Leaders Institute on the 2018 International Day of Peace. 

I have never felt so totally immersed in solemn reflection. The 9/11 Memorial is a place that no American wants to visit. It is a representation of a horrible day in our history. All those who attend leave with a new-found appreciation of the humanity that we all share.

I only know the date as a day of remembrance and sadness being that I was not born when the tragedy occurred. There was a level of distance between myself and those that experienced the day. I feel as though I better understand just what occurred that day after going through the museum. Before our visit to the memorial the deaths were just numbers and the people lost unfamiliar. After this visit I feel more personally entwined with the event. The museum was near silent and the only sound heard was the intercoms playing the final words of the victims and the repeated names of all those who were lost. The most sacred room contained photographs of every person lost on September 11th. Every person had their stories told and the visitors could read each victims life story. Names now had faces and the faces were recognized as people. The experience of the museum itself was very moving. No one wanted to be there and all the attendees wished that there was no need for a memorial. The memorial was a celebration of the victims and served as a reminder that they are not lost to us. 

Through the Global Leaders Institute at Mater Dei Prep we are trained to recognize all people as human. Every person has a life and a story that we cannot see from the surface. This memorial drove that point home. We hear the names every year and most do not know who they are. Hatred brought the towers down and almost 3,000 souls were lost. The Day of Peace is a reminder that we need peace in our world but we cannot have peace when hatred exists. The memorial brings us together and through our training we can help do away with hatred and bring about peace and harmony for all mankind. The tragedy of September 11th should never have happened and we must work together to make a world that will never allow that to happen again. 

While my fellow members of the Global Leaders Institute were honoring the fallen victims of September 11th, Katie McAvoy, daughter of fallen firefighter John McAvoy, was simultaneously spreading the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute and Pathways to Peace message of peace and hope to Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh in honor of the International Day of Peace.

To See Kative McAvoy’s work in Bangladesh, please click here

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