Mater Dei Prep Welcomes Over 120 New Seraphs

On Wednesday, September 5th Mater Dei Prep welcomed returning students and over 120 new freshman and transfer students.

Students were greeted by faculty and staff for their first day with the sounds of the bagpipes being played by Jim Shaw, Mater Dei Prep Board Member.

This year Mater Dei Prep students will have the opportunity to participate in four new academic programs – the Global Leaders Institute, Information Technology Institute, Performing Arts Institute and the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute. The Mater Dei Prep Institutes are designed to teach students the skills needed to excel in today’s diverse, technology-based fields.

Each institute will consist of a progression of courses intended to give students a greater understanding of a field of study. All programs feature labs or lab-like working environments, allowing students to learn through hands-on participation. Some of the institutes offer professional certifications as part of the course of study.

For the 2018-2019 school year approximately 180 students registered for the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute, 140 students registered for the Information Technology Institute, 50 students registered for the Global Leaders Institute, and 50 students registered for the Performing Arts Institute.

Mater Dei Prep was also honored to welcome recently appointed Principal, Mrs. Debra Serafin, to the Seraph community. “Welcome back! I am very happy to join the Seraph family and look forward to a wonderful school year. The new enhancements to the building and curriculum will allow our students to receive the best learning opportunities and experiences a high school can offer. I am excited to have all our students back to begin what promises to be a fantastic year full of hard work, memorable moments and success,” said Mrs. Debra Serafin.

Mater Dei Prep looks forward to another great school year and encourages all the Seraph families to join us at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 18th.


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