Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute Present at Prominent United Nations Conference

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018 the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute in partnership with Pathways To Peace had the opportunity to present at the 67th UN DPI/NGO Global Summit "We the Peoples: Global Summit for Global Solutions" Conference at the United Nations in New York City. The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute application was selected to present over hundreds of international submissions.

The 67th UN DPI/NGO Conference focused on finding global solutions for global problems through effective communication and sustainable negotiation strategies. The Global Leaders Institute had the opportunity to host their own conference workshop where they introduced key components to conflict reduction and promote vital effective communication tactics to assist UN NGO’S in establishing productive relationships in support of the UN Sustainable Goals initiative.

“The selection of the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute to present at the 67th United Nations DPI/NGO Global Summit clearly demonstrates the strength of our program as a factor in preparing our students to enter the global stage. I am beyond proud of their professionalism and dedication to building a better world,” said Mr. George Anthony, Head of Global Leaders Institute.

Mr. George Anthony kicked off the workshop conference by addressing the importance of mindfulness.  Mr. Anthony discussed that maintaining awareness of one's beliefs about others is vital to keeping positive interactions. He suggested that it is easy to go on "auto-pilot" and allow one's natural reactions drive the interaction. Mr. Anthony proposed the key to a successful interaction is the difference between listening and hearing. Although information is heard, the meaning of the comment may be lost in translation. Mr. Anthony noted that conflict is natural and can be beneficial to a relationship depending how one approaches it. Avoidance may seem the easier and safer option, but in fact causes more problems for the relationship. Instead, be assertive and focus on what needs to change.

Promoting these ideals abroad, Elizabeth Sheridan MDP’20, Karen Nortz MDP’20, Katelyn Grano MDP’18 and Madison Duscai MDP’20 had the privilege of presenting the Global Leaders Institute Education Tool Kit Project in front of an international audience of 200 representatives. The Education Tool Kit intends to help fellow students in areas of conflict access basic educational needs that will help reduce conflict within their lives by providing access to educational lessons. The Global Leaders Institute believes that the Education Tool Kit can alleviate some of the major conflict starters due to scarcity of resources. All of the lesson plans can be found on the digital learning board created by Joseph Stanton MDP’20 at 

The 67th UN DPI/NGO Global Summit made a lasting impression on the Seraph scholars. “The UN conference was a life learning experience. From the opening session where we heard people speak from all different walks of life to our workshop where we taught people how to be true peacemakers. The day was a great experience, by far one of the best UN conferences I have attended since coming to Mater Dei Prep. It will follow me for a lifetime,” noted Joseph Stanton MDP’20.

Mr. Don Galante, Mater Dei Prep President, had the opportunity to attend the UN DPI/NGO Global Summit with the Global Leaders Institute and was moved by the experience. “I was absolutely humbled by how well our students presented under the direction of Mr. George Anthony. To think, our students from Mater Dei Prep on the global stage in front of hundreds of international UN delegates. I was so proud of our students on how professional and well-spoken they were.”

The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute through their partnership with Pathways to Peace continues to lead the conversation on global peace and conflict resolution. For more information on the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute, please visit or email Mr. George Anthony at

Report details provided by: Stephen Gironda, Pathways To Peace United Nations ECOSOC Representative
Transportation to the United Nations conference provided by: SeaStreak Ferry

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