Mater Dei Prep Expanding Sports for Women

Mater Dei Prep “Mater Dei” is proud to announce it will be adding girls’ volleyball this fall. It is currently culling through resumes for its inaugural head coach. Expressed interest in adding this extra-curricular sport for girls means Mater Dei will have twelve (12) girls sports to choose from. 
“Approximately eighty percent (85%) of the student body participates in shore conference athletics. With another incoming class exceeding our targets, it is natural to respond to increasing enrollment and expressed interest by adding this popular sport.” said President Don Galante. “Extracurricular activities like sports, dance, music, and drama are important in developing self-confidence, team work and problem solving and being humble in victory and graceful in defeat,” Mr. Galante added.

Mater Dei has had an unprecedented run in many sports like this year’s boys’ track/cross country winning the state championship in all three seasons. Boys’ basketball has been especially prolific since Mater Dei became an independent college prep school three years ago. Coach Ben Gamble brought his tenacious defense and hard-nosed offensive style to the Mater Dei hardwoods. The results spoke for themselves with a record of 74 wins and only 12 losses. Mater Dei has been in the last three Shore Conference championships winning two banners. The team has finished the season top ten in the state twice and fifteenth this past season and won its division twice. We regret that Coach Gamble has decided to resign as head coach, however, he has built a significant program with more than thirty-five athletes and only three seniors. We thank Coach Gamble for his dedication to the Mater Dei family. We will immediately search for Coach Gamble’s replacement and would expect candidates’ credentials to ensure we continue to succeed in competition and at the same time place these students at schools like Princeton and Loyola; as two of our recent student-athletes accomplished.

Coaching candidates’ resumes may be emailed to Rob Eriksen, Mater Dei Prep athletic director at

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