June 2019 Exam Policies


1. No final exams are to be given early.  Finals are only to be given during their slotted time. 

2. One copy of each examination must be submitted to your Curriculum Coordinator by ThursdayMay 30, 2019 for approval.  All final exam packets with all necessary copies must be submitted to Mr. Masterson no later than end of school on Thursday June 6, 2019.  If your exam for seniors was approved, it does not need to be resubmitted for approval.  A class roster must be included in each packet. 

3. All examinations will start and finish with directives over the P.A. system. 

4. All exams should be 90 minutes in length.  Students may not leave the room if they finish early. 

5. Exams should be reflective of the material covered.   

6. Make sure your exam has a variety of assessment options (essays, matching, fill in the blanksmultiple choiceetc.) 

7. Students who do not have an examination and are in the building must report to the cafeteria.

8. If a student is absent, a parent must notify the Main Office no later than 7:30 AM on the day of the exam to verify the absence and arrange a make-up.  Students must return with doctor’s note to make-up exam. 

9. Students may dress in casual attire for the examinations.

10. Teachers must give their own examinations.   

11. Be sure to remind students that exams are not curved and there is no extra credit.   

12. Make-ups exams will be given on Friday, June 14, 2019.   (Only exception is if a student has an open examination period and if a teacher is giving an examination or is free.  NO student is to take three examinations in one day.)  If a student is taking a make-up exam on June 13th, the teacher of that subject must be in the building and available in case there are any questions.  There is no transportation provided for students for make-up exams.

13. Please note there will be Early Dismissal for students on June 10 through June 13. 

14. School Policy; No Exemptions for Exams.

15. Alternative forms of assessment must be approved in advance. 

16. All text books are to be collected and sent to the bookroom when directed over the PA. 
Monday, June 10-   Period 1-  8:00- 9:30 
                                           Period 2-  9:40-11:10 
Tuesday, June 11Period 3- 8:00- 9:3

                                           Period 4-  9:40-11:10 
Wednesday, June 12Period 58:00-  9:30

                                            Period 6-  9:40-11:10 
Thursday, June 13- Period 7-  8:00-  9:30

                                            Period 8-  9:40     -11:10 
Friday, June 14- Make Up Exams 

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