Mater Dei Prep Senior Selected to Serve on UN Department of Public Information’s NGO Youth Representatives Steering Committee

On Tuesday, May 14, 2018, Mater Dei Prep senior and UN NGO/DPI Pathways To Peace representative, Katelyn Grano, was proud to learn that she was selected to become a member of the prestigious Department of Public Information’s NGO Youth Representatives Steering Committee. Katelyn will be one of only 10 members of the prestigious committee that was selected by the Department of Public Information.

Established in 2009, the Department of Public Information’s NGO Youth Representatives Steering Committee serves as an advocacy platform to bring together young people ages 18 to 32 working within and/or leading NGOs or youth organizations that are in association with DPI and focused on issues on the agenda of the United Nations. The Committee has the primary role of advising the Department of Public Information on strategies to engage young people serving non-governmental organizations and youth-led organizations affiliated with DPI on advocacy and outreach activities related to the work of the United Nations.

“Katelyn is an extraordinary individual who understands altruism on so many levels. Peace building requires the dedication of pouring your heart and your efforts into creating positive change. Through her work as a United Nations ECOSOC representative for UN NGO Pathways To Peace and the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute she has demonstrated that willingness towards her community and the environment. We will benefit from her efforts as a result of her selection to the DPI/NGO Executive Steering Committee. The best is yet to come,” said Mr. George Anthony, head of the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute.

Katelyn has been an official UN representative for Pathways To Peace and has been a valued member of the Global Leaders Institute since the program’s inception. She was the lead youth officer for the Global Leaders Institute and was recently selected to be co-chair at the 67th UN DPI/NGO Conference. The upcoming conference “We the Peoples… Together Finding Global Solutions for Global Problems” will be held on August 22-23 at the United Nations headquarters in New York City with over 3,000 representatives from around the world. The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute is proud to be submitting a proposal to present at the upcoming conference.

“As someone who has a great appreciation for the United Nations and all of the work that it does to better the world, I am honored to have been selected a member of the DPI NGO Youth Representatives Steering Committee. I am eager to start my work under the Secretary General, António Guterres, and to see what we can do to get more youth involved in global issues. I am extremely grateful to be given this amazing opportunity at such a young age. The opportunities that both Mr. Anthony and the United Nations have given me are irreplaceable and have given me so many new experiences and knowledge for college and my future career,” said Katelyn Grano.

The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institute prepares students for success in global situations. Students learn communication, mediation and social skills, putting the skills into practice by partnering with the United Nations and other organizations. Students regularly attend and speak at UN conferences and committee meetings centered on promoting education, gender equality, clean energy, climate action and justice. Students in the institute can receive advanced certification in mediation, community building and leadership dynamics, and pursue internships with the UN and partner organizations.

“This program is designed to bring out the leader that lives in all of us and to provide students with the skills to become effective leaders into the 21st century,” said Mr. George Anthony, an accomplished educator and head of the Global Leaders Institute. Anthony currently serves as the primary representative for UN DPI/NGO Pathways to Peace.

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