Seraph Attends High Level UN Conference

Report submitted by Katelyn Grano '18

The High Level Conference that the Global Leaders Institute attended on April 25th offered a great insight into the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. While much work is being done in order to eradicate the issues such as poverty and hunger, there are still issues and people that are combating what is being done. As this topic was explored today, the topic of tradition versus law was brought up. There is a fine line between culture and law, one that many people confuse. This is something that leads to so many issues, disallowing progress and advancement. While this topic was talked about, the topic of training the trainer was also discussed as something that is vitally important, especially in regards to youth, something that Mater Dei Prep and the Global Leaders are working towards. Through this conference, we have been able to share our work with the panel, building connections to both further our project and help those in need of education. One of the panelists, Ilwad Elman, a youth advocate of Somalia, was very powerful and helpful in our mission.

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