Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute

Students in the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute learn important life skills through a specialized curriculum, hands-on learning and community-based partnerships. The coursework prepares them for further healthcare training and education, positioning them for both collegiate and professional success. Demand for trained emergency services and nursing professionals is increasing; students who complete EMS and Nursing Institute courses will be prepared to help meet this growing need.
Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, all Mater Dei Prep freshmen will complete their Emergency Medical Response certification, learning critical lifesaving skills that will have long-term benefits for themselves and their community. Students interested in further study can advance through the Institute curriculum, delving deeper into healthcare education.
Students in the EMS and Nursing Institute will:
  • Become certified in CPR, AED and airway ventilation skills
  • Have the opportunity for hands-on experience in the classroom and in the community
  • Develop critical thinking and reasoning skills in fast-paced environments making them more effective leaders
  • Be able to complete their EMT certification
  • Network with experts in health-care fields
  • Experience expert speakers on a variety of health-related topics


Health/Emergency Medical Response: In this course students will learn the necessary skills to help sustain life, reduce pain and minimize injury during out-of-hospital medical and traumatic emergencies. Students successfully completing the course will be CPR, AED, and Airway Ventilation certified. (2018-19 school year)
Anatomy and Physiology: This laboratory-oriented course is designed for students who are considering health and life science related careers. Students focus on important concepts in anatomy and physiology, including the muscular, skeletal, digestive, circulatory, integumentary, respiratory and nervous systems of the body and the common pathologies in these systems. Student will complete dissections, lab reports, reading assignments, research and presentations in this course. (2018-19 school year)
Dynamics of Health Care: This interdisciplinary course gives students an introduction to health care services and their delivery. Students will learn critical thinking, ethical reasoning, effective communication and how to continue independent learning throughout life. The course shows how health care providers acquire professional competence in dealing with issues and problems they face, as well as the role they play as informed consumers. (anticipated 2019-20 school year)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): During their junior or senior year, students may take a state-certified EMT course which includes classroom, skills lab, clinical and field components.  Students must satisfy all requirements to complete the New Jersey State EMT Exam for certification. (anticipated 2020-21 school year)
Emergency Medical Services & Nursing News

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  • Mater Dei Prep Hosts First Emergency Medical Services & Nursing Institute Graduation Ceremony

    On Friday, January 11, 2019, Mater Dei Prep was honored to host the first graduation ceremony for students in the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute. Sixty five Mater Dei Prep students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, graduated from the Health/Emergency Medical Response course and received their national Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certification as well as their healthcare provider Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.
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  • Mater Dei Prep Launches Emergency Medical Services & Nursing Institute

    Mater Dei Prep has recently launched four new academic institutes – the Global Leaders Institute, Information Technology Institute, Performing Arts Institute and the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Institute to kick off the 2018-2018 school year. Each Institute is designed to teach students the skills needed to excel in today’s diverse, technology-based fields through hands-on learning.
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Mr. John Hansen
Mr. Hansen entered the volunteer fire and emergency medical services profession in 1979. Over the past 39 years he has made many contributions. He continues to be the lead EMT instructor at Monmouth Medical Center EMT Academy for the past 25 years. He has been a major contributor to the Allenhurst fire department through holding multiple line officer’s positions on the fire side spanning 35 years and being EMS captain for 25 years.  As a certified SCUBA instructor he implemented the Water and Ice Rescue Unit for the squad training the members in water rescue, ice rescue and underwater search and recovery.  He is actively instructing in all aspects of CPR, including AED and first aid training. Mr. Hansen has performed inspections for all ambulances in District 1 of the New Jersey First Aid Council and has provided training on identifying and treating the Ebola virus for the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Mr. Hansen is passionate about educating others in all fire and EMS realms so that we can each contribute to our families, friends and the community.


Mrs. Elaina Caldera
Mrs. Elaina Caldera is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia (B.S., Marketing and Management). She entered the Little Silver volunteer fire and emergency medical services profession in 2012 as Fire police and an Emergency Medical Responder. She has since become an active member serving currently as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Chief Engineer, Second Lieutenant and Vice-President.  She has always enjoyed the medical and teaching environment and has been giving back to her community as a volunteer for 40 years. Mrs. Elaina Caldera is passionate about educating others in all fire and EMS realms so that we can each contribute to our families, friends and the community.

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