A Message from the President

Welcome and thank you for visiting Mater Dei Prep.

We are an independent, Catholic college preparatory high school located in the heart of Monmouth County in Middletown, New Jersey. Our school provides students a comprehensive experience in academics, religion, community service, athletics, the arts, clubs, and more. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of unique experiences we are able to offer our students to help them build a strong foundation as they move to the next stage in their lives.  

Mater Dei Prep encompasses four pillars which guide our students to the complete High School experience:

  • Faith: We build on our Catholic foundation to further instill confidence in our students, enhancing their self-esteem and ultimately bringing them closer to their faith.  This has lasting affects with our students facing life straight on.  
  • Knowledge: We teach our students how to attain knowledge, and how to use it both in the present and the future, to keep learning and improving who they are and who they will become.
  • Service: We guide our students to understand the rewards of giving back through all types of service structures. There is no better way for a young adult to build character than giving back to those in need.
  • Community: Our community is 50 years strong and is made up of over 6,000 alumni, students, parents, staff, faculty, and friends of the institution. Standing together, we create a deep network of Seraphs who enjoy coming back and engaging their fellow members of the Mater Dei Prep community.
Mater Dei Prep is a school where individuality prevails. It is a safe environment where Seraphs will learn and challenge themselves and each other. We are a smaller private school, yet we are big enough to compete at the highest levels on the athletic fields and on stage.  Our students attend and are successful at some of the finest universities in the country.

Our doors are open to all, so stop by to say hello, ask some questions, give your opinions, or just take in the many smiles you will see in our hallways every day.

May God bless you and yours,
Donald Galante
Mater Dei Prep

President, Mater Dei Prep

Over the course of 35 years Donald worked his way up from operations to trading and then management in the global fixed income markets.  During his career he was instrumental in developing fixed income and brokerage units for Barclays, Citicorp, Dresdner Bank, Fuji Bank Ltd and MF Global. 

He most recently held the title of Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer for ED&F Man Capital Markets Inc.  Donald was responsible for all operations and support functions for this global financial firm with offices in New York, Chicago, London, Singapore and Dubai.  He was also responsible for investing and managing the firm’s proprietary capital.

In addition to his financial expertise, Donald Galante is recognized for his support of colleagues and the community.  At his Fuji Bank desk on 9/11 in the building across from 2 World Trade Center, Donald calmly fulfilled his Floor Marshal role to direct all employees to a safe evacuation.  In the days, weeks and months to follow, Donald helped both his company and his colleagues to get back on their feet, assisting many in finding their balance after this devastating trauma.

Donald served on the Advisory Board for the Love School of Business at Elon University from 2005 to 2013. During this time he helped design their mock training room, advised on the capital building program and facilitated internships for students at Wall Street firms.

Donald has worked with the “Raise Hope Foundation” to open career opportunities on Wall Street for disabled veterans.  Donald created and taught two 16 week courses on the Introduction to Financial Markets at the Rutgers Newark campus.

In 2011 Donald gave up the commuting grind and directed his energy and skills towards helping the local community.  As a Little Silver Borough Councilman he has played a pivotal role in creating a road paving rotation, building bathrooms in parks, preserving green space and negotiating to contain costs in services.  He also sits on the board of Monmouth County Crime Stoppers and chairs the Municipal Advisory Group for Monmouth County Board of Taxation.  

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Mater Dei Prep admits students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.
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