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Why Mater Dei Prep



Offering all students the opportunity to learn, grow, compete, and believe is a vital aspect of Mater Dei Prep’s mission. Our welcoming, nurturing, and supportive community provides the encouragement and opportunity our students need to succeed. The Mater Dei Prep curriculum focuses on the student’s needs and teaches them to be critical thinkers, effectively preparing them for collegiate study. Learn more
Challenging academics, competitive athletics, a wealth of extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and Christian service—we offer our students all this and more in a supportive inclusive community. Be a part of the Mater Dei Prep family and our private, Catholic preparatory high school experience.
Mater Dei Prep works in partnership with Seton Hall University, Rutgers University and Brookdale Community College to offer a variety of accredited college courses to our students during the school year. The College Advantage Program more than prepares students for college—it offers the college classroom experience now. Students graduate from Mater Dei Prep with a significant advantage in college placement, admissions, and graduation status while saving money in college. Mater Dei Prep students earn an average of 9 college credits through the program. Many students regularly graduate with 9 or more earned credits. Learn more
The Center for Achievement was established in 2010 with the goal to provide support and educational strategies to those with unique learning abilities. This program provides in-house instructional accommodations and strategies to ensure each student's academic success. Our goal is to foster independence, self-advocacy, and resilience. Learn more
Our class of 2019 graduates earned $4.8 million in merit scholarships. We provide our students with the complete student profile that top colleges and universities look for in their applicants. Mater Dei Prep students learn the necessary skills to become academic successes and active leaders in their college communities. Learn more
All students attending Mater Dei Prep will have exciting new academic options available to them - Fine and Performing Arts, Information Technology, Law & Government, Health Sciences and Global Leaders. These five innovative academic tracks, exclusive to Mater Dei Prep, are designed to teach students the skills needed to excel in a diverse, technology-based world, giving them a greater understanding of a specific field of study. Learn more
Mater Dei Prep student-athletes are part of a tradition of excellence. 87% of our students participate in our 16 varsity sports. 100% of our students participate in an extracurricular activity. Students are encouraged to take part in more than one sport or activity throughout the school year. Learn more
Mater Dei Prep students perform an average of 100 hours of volunteer Christian service in the community each year. Many students develop and implement new programs that continue to support community outreach even after they graduate. Learn more
Located 45 minutes south of New York City in Middletown, New Jersey, Mater Dei Prep sits on a 60-acre campus adding a bucolic setting to our college preparatory curriculum. Mater Dei Prep boasts a true sense of community. Its relatively small student body affords each student an opportunity to be an individual and pursue their own interests and dreams. In fact, this is encouraged and supported by an engaged and interested staff that comes to know their students on a deeper level, often forming relationships lasting far into the future. The feeling of “family” at Mater Dei Prep is pervasive throughout everything that happens on campus, allowing all students to “learn, grow, compete, and believe” in a welcoming and friendly environment.