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Mater Dei Prep Department of Technology
The goal of the Department of Information Technology at Mater Dei Prep is to provide students with the necessary tools for achieving our rigorous college preparatory goals. This student-centered approach helps to ensure our students’ success in the 21st century knowledge economy in the fields they pursue upon graduation.
Aligning with our faith-based mission to “foster individuality and growth within an intimate and inclusive community,” the Technology Department offers the systems needed to help students to grow and flourish as Catholic digital citizens in an increasingly connected world.
Integrated Classes
Mater Dei Prep has an integrated system of technology throughout its classes. Technology is required in weekly lesson planning in all disciplines of study. Teachers provide updates through PowerSchool learning management system, use a range of tools from blogs and online information resources to projectors, TVs, and other A/V equipment. This allows students and teachers to communicate meaningfully, exchange ideas with those outside of Mater Dei Prep, and gain access to a wide array of information and experience. Parents are also provided with the metrics and information they need to ensure their Seraph’s success.
Every classroom at Mater Dei Prep is equipped with TVs, laptops, and wireless Internet for student devices, as well as support from the Wireless Seraph. Mater Dei Prep’s learning experience extends beyond hardware and gadgets. Students have the opportunity to display their Catholic Identity and think critically about the ethical situations created by a technological world.
Infrastructure and Hardware
Mater Dei Prep is a technology rich environment that is active and available 24/7-365 and expands beyond the classroom’s physical walls.
Mater Dei Prep features a state-of-the-art and continually evolving technology infrastructure.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program for all students
  • Multi-Purpose Commons Room with projectors and device mirroring
  • Network Printing
  • Flat screen TVs in every classroom that are connected to teacher technology
  • High-speed Wi-Fi throughout the campus
Personalized Support
The heart of Mater Dei Prep is the students and teachers. They are supported by “The Wireless Seraph.” The Wireless Seraph works to keep hardware working and student devices connected. Students and teachers are welcome at the Wireless Seraph for live help and/or advice with their device, software, cloud tools and technology based projects.
Mater Dei Prep App Suite
The Mater Dei Prep App Suite provides a robust college preparatory educational toolkit. One of the major buzz words in technology today is “cloud”. For decades, computing was all about the box that sat in front of you on the desk. Even with the growth of the Internet, access to all of that information was still tied to the desktop or laptop that was loaded with specialized software.
Mater Dei Prep uses the cloud to provide access to your work and your information anywhere, from any device. Mater Dei Prep has partnered with Microsoft and PowerSchool to create the best learning environment for our students. offers students, parents, and faculty access to the entire Mater Dei Prep learning environment using the following tools.
  • PowerSchool – online Parent Portal and Teacher Portal with Student Access to communicate notifications, track and post assignments, and monitor Student grades
  • Access to EBSCOHost research database, the New York Times, etc.
  • Naviance Accounts for all students and faculty to coordinate the college search process
  • Curriculum specific applications