Seraph Summer Experience

Mater Dei Prep is delighted to announce the Summer Seraph program! Students can choose from four different areas to focus on; Credit Recovery/Summer School, Classes for Credit, Enrichment or Athletic camps and training workouts. All programs provide child-centered opportunities in a nurturing environment that allows participants to feel challenged while safe and having fun.
Programs run anywhere from 5 to 30 days.
Credit Recovery/Summer School, Enrichment Classes and Athletic
Camps are open to any high school student going into grade 9 through 12.
Classes for Credit are only open to Mater Dei Prep students.
At Mater Dei Prep, we hand-pick a team of passionate and skilled professionals who genuinely care about kids. This exceptional group of role models are kind, encouraging, playful, attentive, and trustworthy. Individuals are encouraged and supported by engaged staff that come to know their students on a deeper level, often forming relationships lasting far into the future. Our team includes: Talented specialists in the arts, athletics, academics, performing arts and technology. Certified nurse, high quality faculty and top-notch coaches. Fun people who always are seeking ways to boost camper confidence.