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Mater Dei Prep recognizes the tremendous responsibility we have to prepare our students for college and life beyond. But providing an exceptional, inclusive and comprehensive education to our students is a financial undertaking for our community. Mater Dei Prep allocates over $1 million dollars—close to a third of our operating budget—for financial assistance.

Our Named Scholars are students from a wide variety of backgrounds who will benefit from the transformative learning experience we offer. With adequately funded financial resources, we can deliver to these diverse, talented, and motivated students the education they deserve. In turn, these students contribute to the fabric of our entire community, and use their Mater Dei Prep education as a foundation for an extraordinary future.
The satisfaction of changing a life—giving young, capable students access to educational and social opportunities otherwise beyond their reach—rewards us all and contributes to the global community. Our donors have an opportunity to make a personal connection with bright, energetic students and see the tangible difference their support and influence can make over time. Your tax-deductible investment in knowledge and education is one of the greatest gifts you can give a young person. You can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. You can provide opportunity by investing in the leaders of tomorrow.
My investment in Mater Dei Prep is a direct result
of the investment made in me at a time when I needed
it most. There is no way I would be where I am today
without the support I received and I will never forget it.
— Named Scholar Donor
Becoming a Named Scholar reinforces a student’s standing in the Mater Dei Prep community. Named Scholars benefit from knowing an inspired benefactor has taken a vested interest in their future. Knowing someone sees enough potential in you to support you financially can mean the difference between success and failure. Removing the financial burden also means students can take advantage of every aspect of a Mater Dei Prep education—academics, extracurricular activities and service projects—increasing their chances of being admitted to a highly selective college or university.
Mater Dei Prep has given me the opportunity
to learn a multitude of leadership skills, such as
organization, communication, and responsibility.
This will carry with me throughout life.
— Named Scholar


FULL – $50,000 ($12,500/year)
Some of our best and brightest students simply do not have the financial means to fund even the lowest cost of a private school education. These Named Scholars need full tuition for all four years to recognize the benefits of the Mater Dei Prep experience.
HALF – $25,000 ($6,250/year)
Supporting a Named Scholar with partial financial assistance means we can continue to attract talented and diverse students who may otherwise not attend Mater Dei Prep.
CAPSTONE – $14,000 ($3,500/year)
Students with the highest academic potential are invited to join our Capstone program. This small group of Capstone Scholars experiences a variety of exploratory learning activities, including both local and international excursions. The activities include a pre-teaching component and a post-trip reflective essay.
$4,800 ($1,200/year)
The Monsignor Bulman Campus Partners Program provides a $1,200 grant per year to any Saint Mary School student continuing his or her education at Mater Dei Prep. Contributing to this program means fulfilling Monsignor Bulman’s vision of providing a K through 12 Catholic education to students on one campus.

A combination of need and/or merit drives the Named Scholars Program, which distinguishes and honors students from our growing list of qualified candidates. Fundamentally different from a one-time scholarship, the Named Scholar Program awards support to our need-based and/or merit financial aid program, for four years, while recognizing and honoring students dedicated to the pursuit of excellence – in academics, arts, athletics, and service.

Anyone can donate to the Named Scholars Program— an individual, a family, a class group. Contact us today to make your investment in a Mater Dei Prep student’s future.

Steven W. Andersen
Chief Operating Officer
(732) 671-9100 ext. 132

Jen DeBiase
Head of Advancement 
(732) 671-9100 ext. 119