Booster Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage interest and attendance at athletic and scholastic activities of Mater Dei Prep High School, to give moral and financial support wherever possible to the sports and scholastic programs of the school, to cooperate with the duly constituted authorities of Mater Dei Prep High School in the promotion of all the activities of the school, to cooperate with, counsel and advise the athletic council of Mater Dei Prep High School, to cooperate with, council and assist in the promotion of extra-curricular activities of the student body when these activities are authorized by the duly constituted authorities of Mater Dei Prep High School.


Booster Club Meeting Dates For 2020-2021
*Until further notice please bring a chair so we can make meetings in person and comply with social distancing. All meetings will be outdoors and will be at the Concession Stand. Please refer to web page, Facebook and Instagram for meeting updates.
Wednesday, August 19th 6:30-8pm
Wednesday, September 23rd 7pm
Wednesday, October 28th 7pm
Wednesday, November 18th 7pm
Wednesday, December 16th 7pm
Wednesday, January 27th 7pm
Wednesday, February 24th 7pm
Wednesday, March 24th 7pm
Wednesday, April 28th 7pm
Wednesday, May 26th 7pm
Wednesday, June 23rd 7pm
Booster Club Activities:
  • Concession Stand – need volunteers to help sell concessions; we hope to have concessions at well-attended athletic games
  • Concessions at Basketball games or any games in the Memorial Hall Gym – we try to reach families who will volunteer to set-up/sell/clean-up
  • Yard Signs (or window signs) 
  • Sports Journal 
Duties of the Officers
The President shall reside at all the regular and special meetings of the Club.  The President shall appoint all committees.  The President shall also be charged with the welfare of the Club and shall promote good harmony among the membership.
The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President and shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the reporting the financial condition of the Club.  The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies due to the Club from its various functions.  The Treasurer shall disperse all funds approved for payment by the Executive Committee and/or the general membership by the resolution at a regular or special meeting as required.  The records shall be maintained in current condition for all funds and shall be available for examination at each meeting if required.
The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the meeting and presenting them to the membership at the regular or special meetings as required.  The Secretary shall also be responsible for all communications addressed to the Club and shall report them to the general membership at the regular or special meetings.  The Secretary shall be responsible for that correspondence directed to others from outside the Club.
Executive Committee
There shall be an Executive Committee which shall be charged with the administration of the affairs of the Club between meetings.  This committee shall consist of the officers of the Club, the Chairperson of the standing committee and the immediate past President.  The Athletic Director shall also be part of this committee in a non-voting capacity.  A quorum shall consist of nine members and 2/3 majority of the members present shall be required on all voted matters.
Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees shall consist of all the past Presidents of the Club and shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee and shall perform such duties as requested by the officers of the Club.
Events and Photos
7/20/2020 - Eric Braun, President of the MDP Booster Club, organized a clean-up at Mater Dei Prep. 30 volunteers consisting of both parents and students showed up to help clean the water stream and nature walk. After a lot of hard work, the path is back and water is flowing in the stream again! Thank you to the volunteers who came out to help! The top photo is the after and the bottom photo is the before. Great work!
outside outside outside


President- Eric Braun
Vice President- Julia Dasaro Drescher
Treasurer- Brian Stewart
Secretary- Kathleen Perrotta


Instagram:  mdp.boosterclub
Twitter:  @BoosterclubMdp