Center for Achievement

About Us

The Center for Achievement (CFA) was established in 2010 to address the unique learning abilities of all students. Our Learning Disability Teacher Consultant provides educational strategies to assist teachers in the classroom and works in coordination with the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission in delivering services. The staff in the CFA helps students develop the tools required to be successful in their classes, foster student independence, and encourage self-advocacy in high school and beyond.

The CFA is open from 7:30am-3:00pm every day and is staffed with highly qualified teachers and instructional aides. Supplemental Instruction and Compensatory Education is provided by MOESC and implemented through the Center for Achievement. In addition, this program comprises a variety of collegiate support programs for all students, including a writing, math and tech lab, as well as a study skills center, and a peer tutoring program for underclassmen.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a daily support structure integrating classroom instruction with learner-centered assistance. We provide an atmosphere that is conducive to academic success for all participating students.



  • Some students will have a CFA period built into their schedule
  • The CFA works closely with Student Services' Guidance Counselors, the Coordinator of Special Services, and the teachers at Mater Dei Prep to ensure student success.
Help students become proficient in:
  • Problem Solving
  • Accessing and analyzing information
  • Gaining initiative
  • Productivity
  • Research and analysis
  • Test taking strategies
  • Provide study tools
  • Monitor test taking
  • Administer make-up tests
  • Track student progress
  • Assist students with completing daily assignments and meeting deadlines
  • Help students adopt a growth mindset
  • Reinforce teachers’ lessons/subject matter
  • Provide positive feedback and opportunities for student success

My child has an ISP/IEP’s. Can he/she be successful at Mater Dei Prep?

Yes, MDP offers the following services and accommodations for students with ISP/IEP’s:

ISP/IEP’s are reviewed and accommodations are provided to the teachers.

Supplemental Instruction and Compensatory Education is provided by MOESC and implemented through the Center for Achievement. The student will either be scheduled in the CFA for a period each day (this is similar to a “study hall” with assistance) or will have the option of coming in during their lunch period once a week or during their elective period.

If the student has an ISP/IEP but does not receive Supplemental Instruction, they may still be scheduled in the CFA for a period each day. During this time, the student will work on projects, homework, organization, and study skills.

My child currently has an Aide/Dual teacher in the classroom with them. Does MDP offer this service?

No, we do not offer aids in the classroom or dual teaching.

My child is disorganized and loses papers and assignments easily. He/She may have Executive Dysfunction. Can they be successful at MDP?

With the use of computers and programs such as Turnitin and PowerSchool most assignments will be typed on the computer and submitted electronically directly to the teacher. This minimizes the loss of assignments. It is convenient and easy for students/parents to track their work and/or missing assignments.

My child does not have an ISP/IEP. Can they still use the CFA?

Yes! The CFA is open to students of all learning abilities. Whether they need a quiet place to work independently, assistance proofreading an assignment, lessons reinforced, or help with college essays or resumes, we will do our best to help and assist all of our students.

What else is offered through the CFA?

Each student has the opportunity to make up a test before or after school, or during Flex, if they missed the test due to illness or a field trip.

Students can meet with a CFA faculty member to prepare and study for an upcoming test or quiz during their free time.

Students who require small group testing/alternate testing site can take the test in the CFA during their class period.

For more information, please contact:
Catherine O'Brien
Coordinator of Center for Achievement
Carol Caruso, LDT-C
Coordinator of Special Services