Global Leaders

The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders utilize an interactive and dynamic curriculum that focuses on preparing students for success in global situations. Workplace and school environments have become a complex paradigm of multiple ethnicities that reflect diverse cultures and expectations. Future leaders need communication, mediation and social skills to navigate and succeed in these settings. Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders put these skills into practice by partnering with United Nations Department
of Public Information Non-Governmental Organizations (UN DPI/NGO) like Pathways to Peace. They benefit from Mater Dei Prep’s unique relationship with the UN, regularly attending and speaking at conferences and committee meetings centered on promoting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in categories as wide-ranging as education, gender equality, clean energy, climate action and justice.
• Develop communication and social skills
• Learn effective leadership skills for global environments
• Acquire mediation and negotiation skills, with
certification in conflict transformation and
• Work in collaborative teams, learning to build
trusting and sustainable relationships
• Develop critical thinking skills
• Use MediaScape technology to create and foster
relationships with partner organizations on a
national and global scale
• Hone their public speaking skills with an emphasis
on presentation and effective questioning techniques
• Learn United Nations protocols and establish
committee memberships

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Mr. George S. Anthony
Mr. Anthony, M.Ed., has led the program since its inception. He is an accomplished educator and conflict resolution specialist and the primary representative for UN DPI/NGO Pathways to Peace. Mr. Anthony is also co-chair of the International Day of Peace UN Education Peace Team. He is certified in mediation by Columbia University, the National Institute for Dispute Resolution and the New York City Board of Education. He has trained teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance personnel and others in conflict management.

Mr. Anthony has been featured nationally and regionally on news programs and is frequently quoted in newspaper articles focusing on bullying and conflict resolution. He has produced award-winning videos about tolerance, leadership and diversity and is the co-author of many publications, including “Stand Up & Lead: Curriculum Guide” featuring strategies for addressing bullying in the classroom and creating supportive learning environments for all.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Global Leaders Institute, please email Mr. George Anthony at
A special thank you to SeaStreak Ferries for supporting our future leaders and helping them build stronger communities.