Dual Enrollment and the College Advantage Program


For those interested in delving into the exciting potential of dual enrollment, the Mater Dei Prep College Advantage Program is an opportunity to explore academic potential while accessing a wealth of educational resources.


What Is The College Advantage Program?

As part of the College Advantage Program, students earn college credit through the Rutgers University School of Health Professors program, the Seton Hall University Project Acceleration, and Brookdale Community College’s Dual Enrollment. Classes are taught on campus by Mater Dei Prep teachers who pull double duty as professors at the participating universities. In some cases, students may also be able to further amplify their education by taking off-campus classes, being fully immersed in an inspiring and exciting environment that extends far beyond the traditional high school setting.

Students are eligible for enrollment beginning with their sophomore year — perfect timing for teens eager to stretch their wings, take on additional academic challenges, and get a firsthand glimpse at what college classes entail.


Benefits Of Dual Enrollment

The chance to earn college credits at a reduced cost can help students leapfrog over financial obstacles and jump-start their forays into higher education. More than 200 colleges and universities across the United States accept College Advantage Program credits. Entering college with earned credits puts students ahead of the game; Rather than trudging through prerequisites or draining student loans while completing a full schedule of classes at a higher-priced institution, incoming freshman and transfers come prepared with college experience and proven credits.


Dual enrollment students who graduate from Mater Dei Prep also demonstrate: 

  • Impressive graduation status, rising to the top of their class and exhibiting academic leadership
  • Favorable admissions, increasing the likelihood that students get into their first-choice schools and highly ranked universities
  • A significant advantage in college placement, with dual enrollment graduates quickly progressing to advanced coursework and higher-tier electives

College Advantage Program Coursework

Together, Brookdale Community College, Seton Hall University, and Rutgers University offer students a diverse slate of college-level courses that ensure there’s something in the curriculum to suit every interest and intended program of study.


Coursework encompasses both foundational classes as well as focused seminars, examining specific areas of study or points in time for a balanced syllabus that keeps students engaged.


All this and yet students never have to leave the comfort and security of the Mater Dei Prep campus they already know and love.


Why Mater Dei Prep?

At Mater Dei Prep, we focus on giving high school students a well-rounded education that accounts for individuality while emphasizing the importance of academic excellence. Our community is rooted in faith and family, and every student who enters our doors is encouraged to share their hopes and dreams even as they embrace the goals and ambitions of their classmates. A relatively small student body led by dynamic teachers and support staff helps bring those dreams to life. The College Advantage Program plays into those efforts by giving students another avenue with which to explore their potential and foster a passion for learning that we hope lasts a lifetime.

To complement our comprehensive academic curriculum, we offer a busy athletic calendar, including opportunities to participate in everything from football and baseball to field hockey and bowling. Clubs and extracurricular activities revolving around art, baking, philanthropy, dance, environmental concerns, and literary pursuits further complement the intensive coursework built into the College Advantage Program, helping to create well-rounded graduates prepared to tackle the next stages of their personal, professional and scholastic lives.


Take The Leap: Exploring Dual Enrollment

If you’re a current or prospective Mater Dei Prep student interested in the College Advantage Program, speak with a teacher or counselor or contact us today. We’re happy to answer questions about any of our educational initiatives and policies, including our admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and our innovative Capstone Academy Program.