The academic curriculum at Mater Dei Prep in Middletown, New Jersey, is designed to challenge students to take risks and explore areas of true interests as they prepare for post-secondary education. Upon arrival at Mater Dei Prep, we assess students using the comprehensive PSAT assessment program. The PSAT results enable the Student Services Department to position students in suitable Individualized Learning Plans, developed to help students reach their college and/or career goals upon graduation.

Academic Support

Academic support is provided through the Center for Achievement, a program unique to Mater Dei Prep that offers in-house instructional assistance and strategies, ensuring academic success. The CFA was established in 2010 to accommodate our students' unique learning abilities and help them reach their full potential with academic support and invaluable encouragement.


Staffing is provided by highly qualified teachers guided by instructional aides. Although the CFA focuses on students with Individualized Service Plans and Individualized Education Programs, all students are welcome to participate in any of our offerings. The Center is available every school day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and includes math and tech labs, a writing center, a study skills center, and a peer tutoring program.


Mater Dei Prep Curriculum

The Mater Dei Prep curriculum guide includes courses required for graduation, college admission and information about the Dual Enrollment Program. This enables students to earn college credits that simultaneously count towards high school requirements.



College Credits

All students have the opportunity to earn college credits through our Dual Enrollment College Advantage Program. Students can also earn college credits through the Rutgers University School of Health Professions program, Seton Hall University Project Acceleration, and Brookdale Community College’s Dual Enrollment.


Mater Dei Prep teachers, pulling double-duty as professors at participating universities, teach college-level courses on campus. In some cases, students may also amplify their education by taking off-campus classes. Earning college credits while in high school helps defray higher education costs, and more than 200 colleges and universities accept College Advantage Program credits. Students are eligible for enrollment in this program at the beginning of their sophomore year.


Career PREParation Tracks

Part of our curriculum includes courses specifically designed to teach students the skills required to excel in diverse technology-based fields as part of our Career PREParation Tracks programming. Our current career tracks include Health Sciences, Law and Government, Global Leaders, and Fine and Performing Arts.


All incoming freshmen may take one course in every program to experience each track and then continue studying for a particular program during their sophomore year, based on their educational and career goals. Some tracks offer professional certifications. Many classes offer dual enrollment, allowing students to earn college credits transferable to all New Jersey state colleges and universities.


Clubs, Activities, And Christian Services

Mater Dei Prep also provides many opportunities for learning to go beyond the school walls and into the community. Our various clubs and extracurricular activities allow students to interact with each other and our faculty outside the classroom while also sharing their unique talents with the community.


Our Christian Services, coordinated by Campus Ministry, is an integral part of our students' school experience through a curriculum of community-based caring. Activities include drives for food, clothing, Easter candy, and Christmas toys throughout the year.


Become Part Of The Mater Dei Prep Family

At Mater Dei Prep, we focus on delivering a well-rounded curriculum to high school students, emphasizing the value of academic achievement while accounting for individuality. We combine challenging academics with competitive athletics, leadership roles, numerous extracurricular activities, and Christian services, which empowers them to positively impact their community. Our private, Catholic preparatory high school offers a supportive, inclusive environment that prepares graduates to tackle the next stages of their scholastic, professional, and personal lives.


Whether you’re a current or prospective Mater Dei Prep student, contact us today to learn more about our curriculum or any educational initiatives and policies, including our admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and innovative Capstone Academy Program.

Requirements for Graduation:

4 Years of Religion including Christian Service
4 Years of English
2 Years of U.S. History
1 Year of Western Civilization
3 Years of Science including Biology
3 Years of Mathematics
2 Years of the same World Language
1 Year of Fine, Visual/Performing, and/or Practical Arts
1 Semester of Personal Fitness
1 Semester of Health 9
1 Semester of Driver Theory
1 Semester of Personal Finance

2. A minimum of 120 credits.

3. Seniors must successfully complete all courses in order to graduate with their class.
Any senior who has not met all the requirements for graduation may not participate in the
graduation ceremony.

4. All students will have the opportunity to earn college credits.

A failure in any subject must be made up in summer school or by a tutor certified in the subject
failed before a student will be permitted to return to Mater Dei Prep. If a student should transfer to a
public school, the tutored course may not be accepted for credit. If the course is not being offered in any
area summer school, or if special circumstances warrant, the administration may waive this rule.

A student must have earned:
30 Credits to be considered a Sophomore
60 Credits to be considered a Junior
90 Credits to be considered a Senior
2021-2022 Test Dates:
21-22 Course Selection Sheets:
Brookdale Dual Enrollment Application Packet:
The fields already filled out are standard for all students applying.
Requirements for College Admission:

Most colleges require a minimum of sixteen units of college preparatory subjects including three units of college prep math and two units of laboratory science.  A minimum of sixteen subject units must be completed according to the following breakdown:
  1. English - 4
  2. Mathematics - 3
  3. Science - 3
  4. Social Studies - 3
  5. Electives - 5 (in English, Science, Social Studies, Math, or World Language)