Center for Achievement


Established in 2010, the Mater Dei Prep Center for Achievement (CFA) seeks to honor the unique learning abilities of our students, ensuring each individual is able to reach his or her full potential buoyed by academic support and invaluable encouragement. Our mission: to provide structured classroom instruction combined with learner-centered assistance in an atmosphere that’s conducive to academic success for all involved.


Leading this initiative is our Learning Disability Teacher Consultant who develops key education strategies used by teachers in the classroom to spur progress and help tailor existing curriculum. These efforts operate in tandem with services provided by the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission. Staff, consultants, and teachers all aim to help CFA students develop a diverse cache of tools, so they can be more successful in school, achieve new levels of academic independence, and embrace self-advocacy not just in school, but for life.


How It Works

The Center for Achievement is open every school day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and it's staffed with highly qualified teachers as well as instructional aides for additional assistance. Some students have a CFA period built into their academic schedule while others can come once a week during lunch or elective periods. Though the CFA accommodates students with ISP/IEPs, students of all learning abilities are welcome to drop in whenever they need a quiet place to work or if they would like help from any of our services, including these programs:

  • Writing Center: Students can take advantage of expert assistance to help develop writing-related abilities, such as ideation, finding their voice, creating outlines, focusing on ideas, improving grammar and syntax, learning proper citation formats, and conducting proofreads and edits.
  • Math & Tech Labs: Students enjoy hands-on learning in an environment that encourages exploration, testing, and expanding skill sets. Activities may include conducting experiments or practicing equations learned in a previous class, or teaching assistants may demonstrate new lessons to reinforce key concepts included in the existing grade-level curriculum.
  • Study Skills Center: Understanding how to study properly is as important (if not more so) as what you study. The skills center helps students get organized, learn time management, set a personalized study schedule, combat procrastination, take notes, and prepare for tests.
  • Peer Tutoring Program: Students are paired up with classmates who excel in a particular subject and are ready and willing to deliver motivation and guidance. This program benefits participants on both sides of the table, imparting leadership skills and forging friendships that often extend beyond the school setting.
Goals And Tasks
The Center for Achievement is a goal-oriented endeavor. Our initiatives are designed to help students:
  • Become problem solvers
  • Access and analyze information
  • Take initiative
  • Be more productive
  • Conduct research and analysis
  • Develop strategies for better test taking
  • Create an arsenal of study tools
  • Complete daily assignments and meet important deadlines
  • Adopt a growth mindset
To achieve these objectives, the CFA staff reinforces teacher lessons, provides hands-on assignment guidance, administers make-up tests and monitors test taking, tracks student progress, and provides positive feedback combined with endless opportunities for student success.
Making The Most Of The CFA 
If you’re a current or prospective student or the parent of a current or prospective student interested in the services offered by the Center for Achievement, speak with a teacher, counselor, or contact us today. We're dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities and different needs reach their full potential, which is part of a broader effort to instill a life-long educational foundation, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence.
For more information, please contact:
Catherine O'Brien
Coordinator of Center for Achievement
Carol Caruso, LDT-C
Coordinator of Special Services