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Bring Your Own Device Program

A laptop is recognized as an essential component of every student's educational toolkit.  With this in mind Mater Dei Prep has implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for all students.

A BYOD program requires that each student owns a laptop computer that meets a minimium specification set forth by MDP and he/she brings that laptop to school with them each day for use both in and out of the classroom.  A BYOD program ensures that each teacher can develop the curriculum using a standard set of technologies that will enance the teaching and learning experience and help to make each student more successful in their studies.

New Mater Dei Prep & Dell Partnership:
Mater Dei Prep has recently entered into a purchasing partnership with Dell. This partnership with Dell gives families significant discounts on specific laptops that the school recommends, with technological support provided by the Wireless Seraph.  Dell computer purchase is not required for current students. 

Current students are not required to purchase a new computer however, Mater Dei Prep will only provide limited support for this technology.  Incoming freshman will be encouraged to purchase a Dell computer, as our relationship with Dell will provide full technical support for the student. 

To learn more about the Dell partnership or to purchase your Dell laptop, please click here.

What is the expected student responsibility in Mater Dei Prep’s BYOD program?
The laptop will be purchased by the student and/or their family prior to starting school at MDP.  The student is responsible for the maintenance of that laptop and must ensure that it is in good working order and free of viruses and malware.  The student will also be responsible for backing up their academic data to ensure possible recovery in the event of hardware failure or a lost or stolen machine.  Part of student responsibility is to ensure that their technology is cared for and secured at all times.  These expensive electronic devices are the responsibility of the student, not Mater Dei Prep.  Mater Dei Prep will investigate any reports of theft but Mater Dei Prep does not assume the responsibility to investigate all missing property. 
Mater Dei Prep will assist students in gaining access to the wireless network, adding MDP print capabilities to the their laptop and will assist in the installation of software needed for classes. Mater Dei Prep will not make hardware repairs to students laptops. Mater Dei Prep is not responsible for any loss of data on student laptops or devices.
BYOD Recommendations

Devices that do not meet the minimum technology standards include Chromebooks, iPads, or Android tablets.  Unfortunately, these technologies are not robust enough to ensure students will be able to complete their projects and assignments.
  • Google Docs and Open Office are not supported or compatible with Mater Dei Prep’s policy or initiatives.
  • Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, and HP laptops are not robust enough or flexible enough for Mater Dei Prep’s technology requirements and are therefore not acceptable device for Mater Dei Prep. 
What about Security?
Children’s Internet Protection Act
Some of the computer infrastructure at Mater Dei Prep has been funded with the assistance of a federal program called E-Rate that assists urban and rural schools and libraries with telecommunication costs.  One qualification requirement is that we comply with the 2001 Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) which states:
  • In order to receive discounts for Internet access and internal connections services under the universal service support mechanism, school and library authorities must certify that they are enforcing a policy of Internet safety that includes measures to block or filter Internet access for both minors and adults to certain visual depictions.  These include visual depictions that are (1) obscene, or (2) child pornography, or, with respect to use of computers with Internet access by minors, (3) harmful to minors.  An authorized person may disable the blocking or filtering measure during any use by an adult to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purpose.
  • A school administrative authority must certify that its policy of Internet safety includes monitoring the online activities of minors.
  • In order to receive discounts, school and library authorities must also certify that they have adopted and implemented an Internet safety policy addressing (i) access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet and World Wide Web; (ii) the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications; (iii) unauthorized access, including so-called “hacking,” and other unlawful activities by minors online; (iv) unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors; and (v) measures designed to restrict minors’ access to materials harmful to minors.
An Internet filter or firewall is in place to protect our students from inappropriate and distracting websites.  We are continually exploring even more advanced technology to ensure the safety of our Seraphs.
This notice is to inform parents that we are enforcing a safe Internet use environment in the interest of teaching our students to tap the educational power of the Internet. 
No computer is immune to viruses or spam.  Mater Dei Prep recommends that all students protect themselves through virus protection programs.  Mater Dei Prep assists all users by providing additional protection "at the gates” of the network, but no single solution is foolproof and devices are certainly vulnerable off of the school network (such as home, coffee shops, or on an outside network).
What should I know about Batteries and Power?
Laptops must be charged prior to the beginning of the school day and must run off its own battery while at school.
One of the largest concerns with mobile devices is the length of battery life.  Students should plan their device usage to enable them to have power to use the device in their last class of the day without plugging the device in during class. There are a number of things that go into planning this.
Devices have different lengths of batteries.  Most laptops start at 3-4 hours but can be configured up to 8 hours.
There are a variety of charge extenders, extra batteries, portable chargers, etc. that can be used to extend life.
Student choice plays a part as well.  An hour spent playing Pokemon GO depletes the battery much faster than a period spent typing a paper.
Do I need a Warranty?
Mater Dei prep STRONGLY recommends devices have some form of warranty.  While research shows that students statistically take much better care of a device which belongs to him or her than a school provided device, accidents happen.