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About Us

About Mater Dei Prep High School
Mater Dei Prep is an independent, Catholic preparatory school that prepares high school students for their college and professional careers. Located on 60 beautiful acres in Middletown, New Jersey, we provide a safe, inclusive, and technologically advanced learning environment for our students, fostering individuality and growth.
Our Mission
Mater Dei, which is Latin for Mother of God, boasts a true sense of community that’s supportive and nurturing. All our students have the opportunity to learn, compete, grow, and believe, which are vital aspects of our mission. Our curriculum effectively prepares students for their post-secondary education by focusing on their needs. We have a relatively small student body, so we can focus on each student as an individual as they pursue their interests and dreams.
Admission Process
We offer Open Houses throughout the school year and encourage you and your family to experience our offerings. Becoming part of the Mater Dei Prep family begins with an admission process that examines your interests. We then create a PowerSchool account to begin the online application procedures.
Mater Dei Prep assesses incoming freshmen using the comprehensive PSAT Placement Test. This helps the Student Services Department place students in appropriate classes to help them achieve their college and/or career goals upon graduation. Needs-based financial assistance is available.

Academics At Mater Dei Prep

Our academic curriculum is designed to challenge students to take risks while exploring areas of interest in preparation for their collegiate careers. Each student is assigned a counselor, and Student Services helps students recognize their full academic, spiritual, social, and emotional potential. Our private Catholic preparatory school offers a wide range of academic programs to help students succeed, including our:

  • Center for Achievement, which is focused on providing academic support and educational strategies to students with unique learning abilities 
  • Dual Enrollment College Advantage Program, providing all students with the opportunity to earn college credits while simultaneously fulfilling high school graduation requirements 
  • Career PREParation Tracks, designed to teach students skills to excel in Health Sciences, Law and Government, Global Leadership, and Fine and Performing Arts 
  • Capstone Academy, a multifaceted, four-year program, boosting students’ academic and intellectual experience, culminating in a capstone project and oral presentation

Student Athletics

Our student-athletes at Mater Dei Prep are part of our tradition of excellence, with 87% of our students participating in 16 varsity sports. We offer football, volleyball, bowling, baseball, softball, field hockey, cheer, girls lacrosse, and girls and boys cross country running, basketball, tennis, and track and field. Our athletic department strives to teach all student-athletes to become leaders with integrity. We promote a competitive spirit while maintaining a strong emphasis on respect and good sportsmanship and Catholic values, promoting community service and charity as a core part of our athletic program.


Campus Life

Campus life also includes numerous clubs and activities, with 100% of our students participating in extracurricular activities. We offer a wide array of activities that enable students to pursue personal interests while interacting with each other and our faculty outside the classroom. We encourage students to share their unique talents with the community, develop their leadership qualities, and expand their social experiences.


Summer Camps And Enrichment Programs

Our exciting summer camps and enrichment programs are open to the entire community, from middle school students to adults. Enrichment programs are offered during the school year and throughout the summer, with numerous opportunities to pursue individual interests and develop talents. Our Summer Seraph program focuses on Classes for Credit, Enrichment, Credit Recovery/Summer School, and Athletic Camps and training workouts. Program participants feel challenged while having fun in a safe environment.


Christian Services

At Mater Dei Catholic Preparatory School, we foster an appreciation for spiritual values and encourage our students in their personal journey of faith. Campus Ministry coordinates various activities through our Christian Services, an integral part of our school’s culture. Our Student Advisory Board runs clothing, food, Easter candy, and Christmas toy drives throughout the year. 


Whether you’re a current or prospective Mater Dei Prep student, contact us today to learn more about our curriculum, athletics, activities, educational initiatives, and policies.