Global Leaders Attend Rotary Monmouth Club Meeting


Last Thursday, Mr. George Anthony, Director of The Mater Dei Prep Global Institute, was invited as the featured speaker at a Rotary Monmouth Club Meeting which was held at The Navesink Country Club. Freshmen students Garrett Nolan, Abigail O’Sullivan and Cathrine Volk all spoke and shared their experiences as students in the MDP Global Institute. Garrett spoke about his selection to The United Nations Pathways To Peace Governing Board as a result of his participation in Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders. Cathrine and Abigail spoke about their experiences in being selected as Advocate Delegates at The UN Commission on the Status of Women CSW65 as well as working with Civil Rights leaders. George Anthony spoke about the strength of the program in providing MDP students with the “tools” to build stronger peaceable communities. 

George Anthony says, “We encourage our students to think locally and act globally. They will inherit this planet so their work begins now!”

The Rotary members gave high praise to the stature and professionalism demonstrated by The Mater Dei Prep student speakers. David Legg, a seasoned Rotarian, described the Mater Dei Prep students they have sponsored for their RYLA Leadership summer camps as “extraordinary and gifted students”. They look forward to continuing their support!


Featured top photo:

(L-R) George Anthony, Garrett Nolan, Jay Schwartz - President of Rotary, Abigail O’Sullivan and Cathrine Volk