Bridging the Gap: Mater Dei Student, Colin Sullivan (MDP ‘21) use Technology Skills to Help People Access Vaccinations


Colin Sullivan is a member of Mater Dei Prep’s current senior Class of 2021. Like many teens his age, Colin is skilled with technology and the navigation of social media platforms. Colin has put his skills to good use, and harnessing his Catholic calling to help those in need, Colin has opened the door for local men and women to get appointments for their COVID vaccination. When asked where his inspiration came from, Colin responded, “My sister was the one that started with scheduling appointments for family and friends, she was the one that showed me how to do it. I just figured that it was a good way to spend my time when I have to be at my computer for school anyway.”

Colin helped to schedule around 40 appointments for elderly individuals, and for 60 people overall. He stated, “It has gotten way easier in the past two weeks, anyone who wants one can readily get it at this point (Thank you, President Biden).”

Colin’s attitude and intentions toward his project are so admirable! “The best part is just getting the numbers up and contributing to something meaningful. It's also nice to know that my friends who I've helped are now safer than before.”

Mater Dei Prep Religion Teacher, Mrs. Fiorillo commented on Colin’s character and efforts, “Colin is an outstanding student who arose to the pandemic situation. Instead of complaining, Colin decided to take action, and saw a need in the community and decided to help where it was needed.”

Colin saw that so many people are really grateful for his assistance. He is pleasantly surprised at the number of people able to receive their vaccination in the area. “I never thought a year ago, or even a few months ago, that me and my friends would all be vaccinated now and that anyone who wants it could get it.”

Colin, Mater Dei Prep is proud to share your story of compassion; your drive to help others in the community is truly extraordinary! Thank you for making a difference in our community! Colin asked if we would end the article with this... 

Please direct people to :

 “If they don't know how to get an appointment you can. They are the easiest way and now always have shots available for almost any zip code.”