Mater Dei Prep Announces New Volleyball Head Coach

We are pleased to introduce the new Girls Volleyball Head Coach for the Spring season, April Owen! April received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and during her time in college she played volleyball, basketball and softball.
April has coached basketball for 23 years for various age groups in different areas. She is no stranger to Mater Dei Prep as she is currently the JV Girls Head Basketball Coach.
April’s coaching philosophy extends beyond the court and field and she seeks to have her players adopt the philosophy to their daily lives. She strongly believes that “what you put into it is what you get out of it.” Simply put, the effort and time put into something will determine the outcome, and the MDP student-athletes need to recognize the hard work that goes into being successful individuals. Putting 100% into something is truly important and, for this upcoming season, she hopes that all her athletes give it their all and motivate each other to be prosperous young women.
A common method to encourage success are the 3 H’s – hard work, hustle and heart! She says, “those qualities I cannot teach, my athletes have to want to get better, they have to want to win!” April believes that if those values guide performance and are executed regularly, it will better prepare her players for any challenges thrown their way. Communication is also essential in the sport of volleyball. Practicing and coaching her athletes on communication skills will be an endeavor she seeks to undertake to ensure the success of this team.
Her main goal for this upcoming season is the improvement of each individual player as well as improvement of the cohesive team! April aims to instill a team-oriented mindset in any team she coaches for. Ultimately, it reflects in the performance during any competition.
Welcome to MDP Volleyball and best of luck this season, Coach Owen! Go Seraphs!