Mater Dei Prep Global Institute “ON THE MOVE”


3rd place in New Jersey State Competition of The World Quest Historical Contest for MDP Sophomore Team 

The achievements began with Mater Dei Prep sophomore students Margaret Fisher, Ellie Donohue, Gabriella Graham and Emma DeBiase taking 3rd place in New Jersey State Competition of The World Quest Historical Contest. Their 3rd place finish defeating Leman Private School in New York City allows them to compete in The National Competition this April in Washington D.C. Their responses echo their sentiments in this remarkable achievement. 

Margaret Fisher remarked, “This experience has been such a great opportunity for all of us. The whole time that we were taking the quiz we were so nervous. It was such a close game and it really came down to the last question. When we saw that we won, I think that all of our initial reactions were shock, but then we were all so excited. Our team works very well together and I know that we are going to do great in the next stage. We can’t wait for nationals and we want to thank Mr. Anthony for giving us this great opportunity.” 

Ellie Donohue commented, “When we found out we were moving onto the next round it was very exciting. None of us have ever experienced any competition like this before, which made the win even more memorable. We all had a lot of fun during the competition and look forward to what comes next. We all plan on working as hard as we can to make Mater Dei proud.” 

Gabriella Graham reflected, “This is very special to us because we work great as a team and we can put our brains together as one. It was challenging to say the least, but our adrenaline was pumping and we had no end in sight. Our knowledge has given us access to things I wouldn't have imagined. If someone told me five years ago that I would be friends with three amazing girls and have an amazing teacher to guide us on our way to Nationals for a world competition, I wouldn't have believed you. Good job to my fellow competitors and to my teammates! Nationals here we come! And a special thanks to Mr. Anthony for giving us this amazing opportunity.” 

Emma DeBiase recalled, “I would have never seen myself in this position with the team. We were all so nervous but in the end we won, and we are going to Nationals! The path that the four of us took to get here was challenging, but we made it. We worked as a team, and put our heads together to come up with the answers. I can’t wait to go to nationals with the team, and show that Mater Dei Prep is strong in the department of Leadership!” 

UN CSW65- Mater Dei Prep Student Delegate Representatives 

Mater Dei Prep student Emma DeBiase (MDP ’23) and alumna Katie Viscardi (MDP ’15), have been selected as United Nations “CSW65 Commission for The Status of Woman’’ Delegates representing UN NGO Pathways To Peace and the Mater Dei Prep Global Institute. This Conference convenes each year at the UN where women leaders and UN Representatives representing all 192 UN member nations meet to discuss and create Women’s Rights polices and protocols. Emma DeBiase will attend this conference as an official United Nations Pathways to Peace Delegate. She will join Katie Viscardi who will also be attending as a PTP Delegate. Abigail O’Sullivan, Kathrine Volk and Mia Rodriguez will be attending as UN Advocate Delegates representing The Mater Dei Prep Global Institute. They will take part in Conference meetings and workshops virtually on a global stage. George Anthony, Director of The Global Institute and UN NGO Primary Representative for Pathways To Peace, stated, “their selection was based on their commitment to standing up and speaking out powerfully for women’s rights and issues prevalent in our world today. They will be joined by 10 other Pathways To Peace Delegates chosen from a global pool of PTP Representatives. I look forward to assisting them in bringing positive change to our global communities.” 

Emma DeBiase stated, "I am honored to be a part of this amazing experience.  I cannot wait to share my ideas for what we can do to achieve peace. We will be the force that aspires change. We will be the change that makes a difference."  

Katie Viscardi said, “as a Mater Dei Prep alumna, I am extremely excited for this unique experience to participate in a Global Forum and assist in having a voice in creating policies with global impact for women.”  

UN CSW 65 MENA: Youth Voices in Crises Featuring Youth Voices from Lebanon and Tunisia 

On February 24th, students from the Global Institute participated in a UN Global Workshop with female youth leaders from Tunisia and Lebanon. The meeting took place in Beirut, Lebanon, 3:30 their time, 8:30 our time. The meeting is a prelude to the upcoming United Nations 10-day Global Conference “The Commission for the Status of Woman” CSW65.  

Oliva Crowe (MDP ’24) stated, “I was very inspired as a woman and an individual by the speakers who spoke on the panel. One speaker that stood out to me was Dayna Ash. A point she made was that as women we need to help each other and grow our ideas off of each other. It doesn’t matter if you have a home, food, or clothing, what matters is how women should be treated on a daily basis no less than men. We as women have spoken up to make a change.” 

Kathrine Volk (MDP ’24) stated “The Youth in Crisis meeting was very interesting and inspirational. The points each of the speakers made were incredibly accurate and important to my life as well as those across the world. I particularly liked the point made by speaker, Maya El Ammar on youth activism. Generation Z has used social media as a tool to spread education about feminism and LGBTQ+ acceptance. I definitely agree with how important it is to teach people, especially children and teenagers, about gender and LGBTQ+ equality. Overall, I really enjoyed the conference and I am thankful for the opportunity to attend”.   

Garrett Nolan (MDP ’24) said, “I had the opportunity to attend a Youth Crisis Meeting ran by female activists from Beirut, Lebanon, and Tunisia. It was eye opening to learn about the many challenges female activists face in these parts of the world. Lebanon was in a civil war for many years and due to the men having to go off to fight, the women found themselves with more responsibilities but not more freedom. We learned about ways that activists all around the world can take a stand and address these issues.” 

Evangelia Ameno-Cataudella (MDP ’24) stated, “The United Nations conference we recently attended was very informative and was really about making a change and a stop. Numerous representatives spoke and two things that really stood out to me the most was when Dayna Ash said “We need to be louder than the voices that hate us”. This quote holds a lot of meaning and is very powerful. It is saying how you should never let anyone take advantage of you and to never be afraid to express your opinion. Another thing that stood out to me was “...Freedom to disagree”. In this day and age, people are afraid to speak their own opinions, in the fear that maybe someone will look at them differently and judge. This has to change. We need to allow others to have the freedom of speech. Without people's opinions, how are we ever going to get peace and unity in the world?” 

Garret Nolan (MDP ’24) and Mia Rodriguez (MDP ’24) selected by United Nations NGO Pathways To Peace to join their Executive Board as Youth Representatives  

“Dear Garrett Nolan and Mia Rodriguez, 

We delighted to welcome you to Pathways To Peace (PTP)! Following your interview process and our recent PTP Council meeting, you were unanimously and enthusiastically elected as a Director on the Pathways To Peace Council. We are so honored that you are part of the Pathways To Peace organization and its Peacebuilding service! The Directors Council welcomes your life experiences and inspired views which will contribute to our Peacebuilding initiatives and local-global leadership role.”  -Tezikiah Gabriel, Executive Director of Pathways To Peace  

Garrett Nolan stated, “Back in December, I was pleased to learn that I had the honor to be considered for a council seat for the Pathways To Peace organization with consultative status with the United Nations. I was pleased to learn that both Mia Rodriguez and I were unanimously chosen for this responsibility. We are both excited to work together and I look forward to our first meeting in April.”  

Mia Rodriguez responded, “I am honored to have been given the opportunity to make a change in my community with Pathways To Peace. I hope to make a difference in gender and racial equality during my time here.”  

George Anthony, Director of The Mater Dei Prep Global Institute states, “Our program continues to thrive by providing our students with extraordinary opportunities that will impact their lives far into their future and ours as well. Our focus is to provide the skills to create impactful change and to expose our students to experts and voices that matter! Our next project, The International Season for Non Violence Conference, will focus on ‘Voices Matter’. If I’m going to be the change then I need to change...The Mater Dei Prep Global Institute “Building Tomorrows Leaders Today!”