A Recent Letter from Don Froude, MD ’74

Dear Mater Dei Prep Community,

It is my sincere hope that at the time you receive this letter you and your families, are COVID-19 free, happy and healthy, and enjoying all of God’s blessings.

As a member of the Class of 1974, it has been 46 years since I left Middletown and the Mater Dei campus with my lifelong friend, Skip McLaughlin. We had enjoyed our high school years immensely and we were well prepared for the wonderful transformational life experience we would realize at Holy Cross.

There is no doubt that when I left Mater Dei I valued my educational preparation and was prepared for Holy Cross, but more important, I left Mater Dei knowing that I was going to make a difference for people. It was men like Frank Outwater and Principal Father William Lynch who taught us life lessons, sometimes through tough love, that we should always strive to reach the next plateau. There were so many faculty, who nurtured, educated, and supported us and the Jesuit sisters who were steadfast in faith and in accountability for homework. Our faculty, coaches, and mentors taught us to be loyal and to care for others.

Mater Dei is the single greatest reason for my success in life. My true lifelong friendships were forged there and are still valued among life’s greatest blessings. We are at a time in our lives when we can look back and realize that we were provided opportunities that shaped us and it is now our responsibility to give back and pay it forward, providing opportunities for others who in turn will do the same in the future. That is what I was taught at Mater Dei Prep, how to be a “Dream Maker.”

Together we have an opportunity to build a new Mater Dei, to support new leadership and map out a new direction for the school we love. There is a community in Middletown and beyond with young students who deserve the same opportunity and transformational educational experience we had. I, along with others, am committed to ensuring the future of our great school - Mater Dei for another 60 years and beyond!

Please join us in support of Mater Dei Prep and their families. Help make a difference!

“Be a Dream Maker!” Go Seraphs!


Warmest regards,