Mater Dei Prep is proud to announce the 2021 Seraph Strong Gala Honorees!


This year’s Virtual Seraph Strong Gala celebration inspired the creation of a new honor, the Distinguished Seraph Service Award. This honor is awarded to a valued member of the Mater Dei Prep family that has made a difference through their dedicated service to the school. The shared recipients of this honor have demonstrated a commitment to their students, to all of the Mater Dei Prep families, and to the school’s mission and cause. Join us on March 6th in celebrating and congratulating Margaret Cahill (MDP ‘80) and Cindy Dwyer for their steadfast enthusiasm and support for our students and years of extraordinarily dedicated service to our MDP community. Mater Dei Prep takes immense pride in these individuals and their accomplishments and feels blessed to have them as representatives of our school! We are excited to honor these selfless and influential educators on the night of our Virtual Seraph Strong Gala! Click this link to register for the Virtual Seraph Strong Gala event!