Mater Dei Prep Announces Appointment of George Anthony as Director of the Emerging Global Leaders Institute at Mater Dei Prep


Mater Dei Prep is pleased to announce a new role for George Anthony as Director of its Emerging Global Leaders Institute.

Mr. Anthony is an accomplished educator and conflict resolution specialist, certified by Columbia University, who has taught at Mater Dei Prep for nearly six years. In that role, he brought his knowledge, passion and resources to students who had an interest in expanding their leadership skills through his Global Leaders program. Mr. Anthony has an M.S. in Education training teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance personnel, and others in conflict management. His expansive involvement in developing publications and workshops on topics dealing with leadership and diversity gives Mater Dei Prep students access to a unique education.

“In his new role, Mr. Anthony will be able to focus his energies entirely on continuing to develop Mater Dei’s Global Leaders program, as well as creating new programs for the benefit of the Mater Dei Prep student body and community,” stated Kathryn McLaughlin, Chair of Mater Dei Prep Board of Trustees. “We are thrilled that Mr. Anthony, in his expanded capacity, will continue to develop his exceptional program for Mater Dei Prep students.”

Mr. Anthony is not only an accomplished educator, but also a NGO DGC and ECOSOC Pathways to Peace Primary Representative, and in that role brings unique access to the UN for Mater Dei students. The program will also continue developing its productive relationship with UN NGO Pathways To Peace and Civil/Human Rights Organizations in the area. Under Mr. Anthony’s guidance, the Global Leaders Institute will also seek to expand into local elementary and middle schools, and work to develop programs in Conflict Transformation and Leadership Training for students, faculty and parent communities.

The importance of establishing leadership skills and confidence in group settings is a valuable trait George Anthony, Program Director and United Nations NGO DPI Pathways to Peace Primary Representative, prioritizes for his student leaders.

Mr. Anthony stated, “This program provides a bridge for our students to not just learn about the world but to receive the training where their solutions are shared on a local, national and global stage.” The relationship Mater Dei Prep has with Pathways To Peace, UN NGOs and Civil Rights programs such as Gandhi-King Season for Non Violence, affords their students the opportunity to be the change they all express they desire to see in the world. Many of these student leaders have used their training and experiences toward building safer communities throughout the world. Mr. Anthony is “proud of what we accomplish here at Mater Dei Prep”.

Evangelia Ameno-Cataudella (MDP ‘24) said “this program is allowing me to turn my dreams into reality.” Students at Mater Dei Prep retain much of what they learn through this program and apply them to real life situations. Abigail O’Sullivan (MDP ‘24) expressed “the world needs positive change and this program allows me to be a part in it.” Cathrine Volk (MDP ‘24) said “we are the future, so our future begins here.”   


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