Mater Dei Prep Students Attend UN NGO “Living in Peace in Times of Crisis” Dialogue Workshop


On September 29th, Mater Dei Prep (MDP) freshmen students Garrett Nolan and Cathrine Volk engaged in an International Peace Building workshop and Dialogue titled Living in Peace in Times of Crisis Dialogue, ​hosted by Kimberly Weichel, author and activist and Tezikiah Gabriel, Executive Director of Pathways To Peace. Some of the points that were addressed were to describe the most challenging aspects of coping with crisis, explaining what personally inspires hope, and what advice they would give to other Peacebuilders who are struggling. Students were accompanied by sophomore Emma DeBiase who serves as MDP’s Pathways To Peace UN High School Youth Representative. George Anthony, Head of The Global Leaders Program at MDP, led the MDP students in engagement throughout the workshop. Anthony says he “was impressed by the seasoned leadership of Emma DeBiase who is entering her third in year the program.” Emma began her training as an 8th grade student at Saint Mary School along with Garrett Nolan who also trained with Mr. Anthony in the program at the same primary school. "I was deeply impressed by their commitment in entering the conversation as young leaders. This is a first step in entering the global arena as dedicated peace builders. Their journey has begun!” said Mr. Anthony.

Student Testimonials:

“Last night I attended the Pathways To Peace conference about survival and thriving during times of crisis and I found it very interesting. In the year twenty-twenty, we are facing more crises at once than ever before so I found the message that we must better ourselves during these turbulent times to be very reassuring. I learned a lot in the conference about the world, its people, and how different people are coping with these troubles in different ways. By learning about how other people were coping with these crises, I reflected on my own actions and the way I responded to these negative situations. This meeting allowed me to self-reflect on my choice of actions and taught me how to overcome challenges in the future.”

            -Garret Nolan (MDP ’24)

“I really enjoyed the presentation and found it very interesting. I appreciated having an open discussion and hearing from such accomplished women and individuals. Hearing from these women was such a great experience.”

            -Cathrine Volk (MDP ’24)

“’Embrace change’ was a quote from the conference I was at on September 29, 2020. We need to embrace the change that is going on throughout the world. We all need to have hope that things will get better. We need to keep the peace between each other. Be the force that inspires change. Be the change that makes a difference.”

            -Emma DeBiase (MDP ’23)