Mater Dei Prep Student Receives Official Designation as Pathways To Peace Youth Representative


Elizabeth Sheridan, MDP ‘20 has been designated as an Official United Nations Department of Communications NGO Representative for Pathways To Peace.

Head of Global Leaders and Pathways To Peace representative, George Anthony, shared some thoughts on Elizabeth’s amazing accomplishment:

“Elizabeth has been a prominent youth advocate for peace building as an officer in The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders and has prepared for this position by her dedication and commitment as a local and global peace builder. She has spoken at numerous conferences as a panel speaker on topics such as gender equality, building peaceful inclusive societies, promoting The Mater Dei Prep Global Education Tool Kit, and being a panel speaker at the International Commission on the Status of Women and the 67 United Nations NGO Global Conference. Elizabeth will continue in this role in a more official capacity. I am proud of her efforts here at Mater Dei Prep and as an Official UN NGO DGC Representative for Pathways To Peace.”

Elizabeth joins previous MDP alumnae, Katelyn Grano, MDP ‘18 in this incredible honor. Her role in this prestigious organization enables her to attend high-level conferences on behalf of the group, and work on committees within the United Nations. Elizabeth also shared some words on her new achievement, she says:

“Peace-building has been a major part of my life throughout my high school career. My work on the Education Tool Kit and other initiatives to promote education has given me a background that will prepare me for this next step. I look forward to continuing my role in this position to build a better and safer world. I am grateful that Pathways To Peace has provided a bridge, and I look forward to working with the organization in the future. I would also like to thank the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Program and Mr. George Anthony for giving me this opportunity.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sheridan!