Often, when we least expect it, “life happens,” and can set us a challenge to test our courage, resolve and willingness to adapt. When those challenges arise at Mater Dei Prep (MDP) our faith guides us through the period of doubt and uncertainty - there is no point in pretending that we are not affected or point in saying that we are not yet ready. When these challenges arise in our community, we pull together to persevere and overcome – this is The Mater Dei Way and we are Seraph Strong!

At Mater Dei Prep, in the midst of this international pandemic, the Global Leaders Career PREParation Track is moving forward with purpose. They are ready and willing to rise to the challenge. Passionately led by our career educator, Mr. George Anthony, the Global Leaders commit their time to global peace and other germane global leadership issues through United Nations’ live conferences.

The Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders partner with Pathways to Peace (PTP), an honorable association in its own right. Mr. Anthony is the liaison between both PTP and the MDP Global Leaders and through this alliance, opens the doors for our students with relevant leadership opportunities and purposeful engagement at the United Nations.

Tezikiah Gabriel, Ex-Director of Pathways to Peace, spoke to George Anthony’s role in shaping the lives of our young Seraphs. Gabriel expressed, “In his dual role as both Head of Global Leaders and PTP Primary UN Representative, George has mentored the leadership of his students, our youth, while enhancing the mission of Pathways To Peace by bringing the voice of our youngest generation to the forefront of World Leaders at the United Nations.” Mr. Anthony’s role at Mater Dei Prep is truly remarkable and described by many of our Seraphs as a once in a lifetime experience. He puts his student leaders first and motivates and encourages them to exceed beyond their own expectations. He is a master of the art of debate and public speaking and shares the practice and application method with his students in the classroom.

Recently, a United Nations Commission on the State of Women (UN CSW64) was canceled due to COVID-19 as was the PTP side event, “Peaceful and Inclusive Societies through Technology.” Rather than lose the opportunity to speak, PTP decided to contact Mr. Anthony about their alternate plan to execute the event by a virtual presentation. PTP planned to include the Global Leaders Toolkit, created by Mr. Anthony and the Global Leaders, as an example of the perspective our students have on using technology for education. A technique that students, including ours, are adjusting to nationwide.

As the virtual live event approached, two Mater Dei Prep students stepped up to the plate to participate. Mr. Anthony is thankful to Devon Perrotta, MDP ’21, for putting the presentation together, however she unfortunately was unable to present due to obligations with her MDP virtual learning program. Mr. Anthony also expressed appreciation and his gratitude to Karen Nortz, MDP ’20, a veteran speaker and UN presenter, who spoke so powerfully with other UN representatives.

Mr. Anthony enthusiastically stated, “Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders continue to set the bar high on creating future global leaders.” Karen Nortz also stated, “Learning about how different generations are using technology to help them during this pandemic, and in life in general, is truly inspiring. It helps me realize technology’s full potential in this changing world.” The Global Leaders program is, and continues to be, a top asset to Mater Dei Prep. With long lasting memories and acquired valuable skills, our Seraphs, with the guidance of Mr. George Anthony, will one day lead from their seat with their fullest potential.

Check out Karen’s presentation using the link attached below!