Statement from Tom Dooley, MD ’65 and Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee:

From my days as a student at Mater Dei the generosity and support from our community has been extraordinary. Over the past two weeks a group of volunteers have taken on the task of removing the rusted chain link fence around the softball and soccer fields that are shared by Saint Mary’s School and Mater Dei Prep. The building and grounds committee had received bids for this work in excess of $10,000 and we will have resolved the issue for a little over $1,000. A 90% upside for Mater Dei. The Women’s Leadership Committee is offsetting the costs for temporary outfield fences and we will raise additional funds to provide netting behind the soccer and lacrosse goals. This project will enhance the manageability, maintenance and safety of the facility as well as the obvious aesthetic benefits.

We would like to extend a Seraph Strong message of gratitude to Mike Eckert (P’20, P'14, P'11), Jack Quinn (’72), Stu Young (’73), and Mike Thompson (MDP Project Manager) for their leadership and “muscle”!


Go Seraphs!