Brookdale Holocaust Class at MDP and Global Leaders participate in United Nations briefing

On January 30th, 2020, The Brookdale Holocaust Class at MDP led by educator Dominic Longo and students from The Global Leaders led by George Anthony participated in an animated briefing with global leaders in the field of Genocide Awareness, Hate Speech and Holocaust Denial. Students listened to Melissa Ruth Fleming: Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Dr. Sarah Brown: Center for Holocaust Education, Human Rights and Genocide Awareness (Brookdale College), and Simona Cruciani: Political Affairs Officer, Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect, United Nations.

Students were able to meet with the panel speakers following the conference and further extend their conversations regarding topics presented.

The following synopsis provides a window regarding the impact of this day.

“The conference focused on the common denial of the existence of the Holocaust and brought to light the pervading influence of social media and hate groups on the general public’s knowledge in Europe. The conference was eye-opening coming from a state where it is mandatory to learn about the conference and has inspired advocacy for education in the Mater Dei Prep attendees.” Elizabeth Sheridan MDP 20

“Things I learned from the conference didn’t just apply to Holocaust denial, but to things we see every day. The lessons about the hate rhetoric and the importance of education so history doesn’t repeat itself have become clearer to me. So now I need to down the knowledge so we can never forget.” Karen Nortz MDP 20

“The historical discourse between myth and fact in regard to Holocaust studies continues to be an extraordinarily important subject to continue to present to our students. Meeting with Dr. Sara Brown Director of Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness at Brookdale College can also benefit The Mater Dei Prep Community and especially its students as we look towards utilizing their resources going forward.” Mr. Dominic Longo – MDP and Brookdale Educator

“The conference was very empowering. I learned how important it is to educate people about the Holocaust and how it affects us in today’s society. Dr. Sarah Brown, executive director of the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide studies, had the most impact to me. She talked about how we can combat hate speech, not just about the Holocaust, but all hate speech. She also told us why we should challenge it and how to deal with it on social media in today’s culture and society.” Christopher Pfirrman MDP 20

“Our connection to The United Nations continues to provide Mater Dei Prep with resources and tools to build safer and more sustainable communities. I look forward to providing a bridge to our other departments who can benefit from this relationship. Our students are our future. They can and will be the change we wish to see in the world.” George S. Anthony- Head of The Global Leaders.