On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, the Global Leaders of Mater Dei Prep privately met with representatives of the Vatican Holy See - Permanent Observer to the United Nations. Rev. Fr. Roger Landry Attaché was so impressed by the presentation by Mr. George Anthony, Elizabeth Sheridan ‘20, Karen Nortz ’20, and Devon Perrotta ‘21, that he is looking forward to a follow-up meeting as well as incorporating our training at The Holy See.

Fr. Landry had mentioned promoting our model at a future conference. He quoted how the Global Leaders visit reflects the message from Pope John II’s first visit to the Holy See. Rev. Fr. Landry said, “The United Nations is a University of Peace in which everyone should first enter as students and leave teaching peace to the world. The Global Leaders Track excels in that ideal.”

Devon Perrotta stated, “Going to The Holy See allowed us to promote our program and have a conversation with fellow peacebuilders about how we can teach peace more effectively.”

Karen Nortz said, “Having the privilege to present at The Holy See allowed us to share our program and projects and allows us to have a greater amount of recipients who can benefit from our educational toolkit. Using the advice Rev. Fr. Landry gave us, we can now use additional Catholic resources to make our toolkit more accessible worldwide.”

Elizabeth Sheridan saw the validity of the work we do as a reflection of our Catholic teaching.

Mr. Anthony, Head of the Global Leaders Track at Mater Dei Prep said, “Our work as peacebuilders are and continue to be a work in progress. The Global Leaders will continue to build roads to peace on the good works of the students!”

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