On Friday, November 8th, Mater Dei Prep took part in a workshop promoting a Day of Unity on campus. The workshop was led by Lindy P. Crescitelli and Shawn D. Landry along with Mr. George Anthony and global leader trainers who spoke with the entire student body.

The workshop “Stand Up & Lead” led by Mr. Crescitelli and Mr. Anthony was built upon the idea that our community will be stronger, safer and better if everyone played a role in recognizing and validating that each student has something to offer. The workshops began by creating a vibrant community circle allowing students to meet one another and engage in trust building exercises. The classes were broken up into groups and they then spent time with Mr. Crescitelli and Mr. Anthony for their individual workshops.

Mr. Crescitelli and Ms. Landry focused on previous situations where students may have felt compromised or hurt and how they can identify their strengths in moving forward. Mr. Anthony discussed how easily our thoughts and actions can build people up or break people down. He also talked about how every individual can play a role in recognizing hate and bigotry in our communities and the roles we play in becoming positive leaders today and throughout our lifetime. Mr. Anthony and Mr. Crescitelli talked about being United Nations representatives for Pathways To Peace and how Ms. Landry runs the Liberty Leadership Institute at the College of Staten Island. At the end of the workshop students used words such as inspiring, life-changing and dynamic when describing the day they experienced.

Student quotes:

“The Mater Dei Prep Day of Unity was a life-changing experience. It was refreshing to see students learn the impact of discrimination and bias in our world.” –Alexis Lombardo

“The Day of Unity was very eye-opening! Mr. Crescitelli and Mr. Anthony’s workshops created a safe environment for us to further educate ourselves on how to deal with conflicts in the world today without using any violent behaviors. It made a positive difference on the Mater Dei Prep community as a whole. Overall, the day changed my life, as well as many other students!” –Joey Stanton

“Going into the Day of Unity, I was nervous, but seeing how students were paying attention and really soaking in the information was so nice to see. I liked being able to make a positive difference in the school community.” – Chika Efobi