Mater Dei Prep Senior Submits Position Paper to the UN Commission on Gender Equality

Mater Dei Prep would like to recognize senior Elizabeth Sheridan, as her statement on “Gender Equality” was recently selected by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 2020.) Elizabeth is a seasoned Pathways To Peace UN Youth Representative and a Global Leader. At CSW 2019, Elizabeth was a presenter in the Pathways To Peace workshop, “Building a Culture of Peace,” where she received rave reviews. Elizabeth’s statement to CSW is thoughtful and represents the passion and commitment of a next-generation Peacebuilder. In her statement, Elizabeth advocates for an integrated intergenerational approach to eliminating gender inequality. Elizabeth writes, “The work of the current generation that is leading the way, coupled with the new and younger generations, will create a strong force for change that has the power to completely and totally reshape the global culture that currently controls the success of women.”  

This paper represents an intergenerational approach for the Commission for the Status of Women 9 day United Nations conference held in March 2020. The conference brings together women leaders from all 192 member nations to formulate policy in line with The UN Sustainable Development Goals. Elizabeth was selected by Mr. George Anthony based on her proven leadership as a speaker and presenter at previous UN Conferences. Mr. Anthony states, “Elizabeth's selection is a significant honor whereas she is representing our school and its platform for excellence to a national and global audience. The position paper should be recognized for its depth and articulation, especially written by such a young global leader. We are very proud of her accomplishments.” Tezikiah Gabriel, the Executive Director of UN NGO Pathways To Peace Global organization, said, “Elizabeth is a change maker, a leading force for the future! As an active member of the Pathways To Peace team, we recognize the important leadership role you so eloquently express and appreciate your contribution to building a Culture of Peace for all people and generations.” 

If Elizabeth’s position paper is selected, she will present it in front of The General Assembly in March, 2020.