Mater Dei Prep Capstone Academy Will Be Planting a Peace Poll

On Wednesday November 6, 2019, the senior members of the Mater Dei Prep Capstone Academy will be hosting a planting of a Peace Pole. The project is part of the senior Capstone Academy Project and was developed along with the Global Leaders. The students hope to create a day to bring together students and a community of religious leaders to recognize our paths to God and peace. As a way of incorporating our faith and Catholicism into the event, a plaque with the prayer of Saint Francis, the patron saint of peace, will be placed alongside the Peace Poll. The pole has the prayer, “May peace prevail on Earth” inscribed on it in various languages.

Mater Dei Prep has been working towards world peace by attending United Nations meetings and events. With the Global Leaders becoming a huge part of the initiative towards world peace, this Peace Pole will be symbolic of the positive works that have emerged from the students of the Global Leaders and the Capstone Academy. Having a Peace Pole on campus will prove that we are a school of peace.

All attendees are invited to attend this event on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 10 a.m. at Mater Dei Prep on the front lawn.

(An example of a Peace Pole is displayed to the right)

Click the attached below to read a letter written by the Senior Capstone Academy students about the planting of a Peace Pole.

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