College Advantage Program

The Mater Dei Prep College Advantage Program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit through the Seton Hall University Project Acceleration and Brookdale Community College Dual Enrollment program.  The Mater Dei Prep faculty, who are also adjunct professors, teach the college–level courses on campus.  This allows students  to earn college credit while completing their high school requirements. 

The College Advantage Program more than prepares students for college; it is the college classroom experience now. Students graduate from Mater Dei Prep with a significant advantage in college placement, admissions, and graduation status.

College Advantage Program Facts:
  • Annually, Seton Hall University and/or Brookdale Community College classes are offered on campus.
  • Students earn college credits at a reduced cost.
  • College Advantage Program class enrollment can begin sophomore year.
  • Classes are taught on campus by Mater Dei Prep teachers who are also adjunct professors at Seton Hall University or Brookdale Community College.
  • Mater Dei Prep also offers students the opportunity to enhance their education by taking college classes off campus.
  • Over 200 Colleges and Universities accept College Advantage Program credits.

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Key Statistics

51% of seniors are enrolled and on average earning 14 credit hours

44% of juniors are enrolled and on average earning 9 credit hours

15% of sophomores are enrolled and on average earning 6 credit hours

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